All-Weather Daddy

Do you think I don’t know? I knew before I entered the room. I knew before I saw your sunken head. I knew before I heard your voice. I knew before I came home. I knew before I woke up. Little girl, I’m your Daddy. I understand before me there were men in your life who had different ideas as to what that means. Some thought it meant you existed to make them feel good. A few thought it meant they could do whatever they wanted to you. And there was that one guy who thought being your Daddy meant he could abuse you.

Let me tell you what being your Daddy means to me. It means your hurt is like flames on the horizon. It’s like collisions in traffic. It’s like all the windows of a building shattering at the same time. I can’t look away. Little girl, I get that your whole life you’ve been told to push through. You’ve been told to ignore it. No one wanted the burden of your hurt.

It’s OK if you say nothing. Rest your head on my shoulder. Let me put my arm around you. Little girl, let’s sit in the quiet together. Close your eyes when my lips press to your forehead. Yes, this pain will pass. And it will come back. And it will pass again. It will lay dormant under the surface. Allow it to rise. Allow it to fill the space around us and weigh on us like an oppressive heatwave.

By now you know I can take it. Being your Daddy isn’t just about the spankings and the orgasms. It isn’t only hurting you. More than anything, it’s about this unbreakable connection. It’s bigger than boyfriend/girlfriend. It’s grander than being lovers. Look into my eyes when I tell you, “Daddy loves you.” Do you think my voice wavers? Do you think I have any doubt? Little girl, I’m your daddy because I want to be everything for you. I want to be your boyfriend and lover. I want to be your dominant. I want to be your friend. I want to be your family. I want to be the one who guides you through the hurt and the happiness. I want to be the one you reach for in the dark.

So, when you’re having an “off day;” when depression shows its face, know that I am never far. You can tell because you’ll feel my lips on your neck. My hand will slide into yours. My fingers will run through your hair. I’ll be the one wiping away your tears. That warmth you feel will be my body squeezing yours. Little girl, I am your Daddy. I’m your Daddy when you’re horny. I’m your Daddy when you’re bored. I’m your Daddy when you’re angry. I’m your daddy when you’re happy. And maybe most importantly I’m your Daddy when you’re sad. I’m an all-weather Daddy. Let it rain. Let it snow. Let massive pellets of hail come crashing down on us. It doesn’t matter if the flood waters rise. It’s OK if the winds rip through our town. When it feels like you can’t take it any longer look to your side. That’s where I will be. Little girl, that’s where I will always be.