Three Beating Hearts: FFM Triad

I love being inside you from behind. I love seeing the way your back arches and the way your tattoos ripple with your skin when I thrust into you. I love how soft your hair is when I grab hold. I love seeing the beautiful girl in front of you with her legs spread. Her head tilts back and her chest heaves as I shove your face into her clit. And in that way, I’m fucking you with my cock and I am fucking her with your tongue. I’m in control of both of you.

Take all the energy I’m forcing into your cunt and release it into her clit. Reach between your legs and touch yourself. My cock is so hard and I’m so deep it must feel like I am pressed against your stomach. When she grinds her hips into your face take all that vibrancy and return it to me. For as long as we can let it reverberate off of me, through you, and into her. I don’t need my hands on her body to be connected. Moaning, grinding, sweat, cum: it’s all part of one whole.

I pull your hair and tilt your head back. I lean down and kiss all over your mouth tasting her slutty juices on your lips. Then I force your face back on her clit. Do you know she’s staring right at me as you tongue fuck her; as you lap up the juices that have dripped down to her ass? She isn’t jealous that you’re getting fucked because there is no distance between me to you to her.

Stretch further between your legs and fondle my balls. Feel that pressure building up. God, her eyes are beautiful. I wish I could reach her throat. I wish I could extend my arm and choke the fuck out of her as she squirts into your mouth. I can’t so I try to do it with my eyes. She sees my rage. She sees my aggression. And it’s the sweetest love story she’s ever read. She runs her fingers through mine, through your hair. And we both push you harder against her clit as she moans. I propel into you like I’m trying to wedge my entire body inside you. It’s like I am trying to jam your body into her.

I unload everything I have into your dripping wet pussy. I hear your muffled moans as you cum on my cock. Pounding into you- an eruption between three people connected by more than sex distills through us. I topple over onto you and you collapse into her. Still writing, still cumming, still shaking, we lay there in a nearly silent room. The only sound is our labored breaths and our beating hearts.

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