ride daddy’s face

I love feeling your thick thighs rub against my ears and your soft naked ass sitting on my chest. I love looking up at you from my back, past your soft hair, over your stomach, beyond your large honeydew sized breasts to see your face looking back at me. You know what is about to come or at least you hope. And even though my position seems kind of submissive I am still the one in control.

“Do you want this? Do you want to feel my tongue on your clit?” My words are a little muffled. You pout and kick your feet into the bed, “Yes, daddy. I want it more than anything. Please give me your tongue.”

“I don’t know. Maybe I should shove you off of me. Have you been a good girl?” You probably can’t see my smile, but you can feel it on your thighs.

“Daddy! I’ve been so good! Please! Give it to me!”

And with that, I lick you. My rough tongue glides between your lips, parting them as I move all the way up to your clit. Your head snaps back and you moan. Your thighs squeeze against my cheeks. I start slow at first, moving up and down and around in around, occasionally dipping my tongue back into your wetness. I love feeling your hips move. It’s like every muscle in your body is controlled by my tongue.

Your juices lubricate my stubbled skin as you shift your weight off my chest onto my face. You can’t hurt me. You can’t suffocate me. I want all of you. I want to feel you grind as hard as you need to. If it isn’t enough, grab my hair and pull me up into you. I’ll hold my tongue right there on your little nub and you move around and around or back and forth as fast as you need to.

I love being able to feel all those tremors as the muscles in your legs tremble and a rush of energy shoots down your spine into your pussy. You’re moaning, but so am I. I want you to feel the vibrations of my voice on your clit as you explode all over me. Please, please, don’t insult me by only cumming once. Keep grinding. Keep your hips moving. Cum again. Cum once more. Turn it into one five minute orgasm. Drown me in your juices, give me mouth to mouth, then climb back on and keep going. I want to drain you. I want you to remember it is me, it is my tongue that can do this to you; that I have this power over your body; that I own you.

When you have nothing left, when your muscles are ready to cramp, when all the fluid you have in your body has evacuated your pussy, you have my permission to stop. You have my permission to topple over next to me. You have my permission to kiss me sloppy. I want to feel your tongue on my chin and my lips and my cheeks. Taste yourself in my mouth as I kiss you back.