Never Let Go

Hello, death of what’s real. Hello, the end of authenticity. Why is it everything you say seems like a performance? I ask seriously and without malice. Who are you performing for? Is it me? Do you know what I see when I look past it? I see another performance layered underneath. Underneath that is more performance. And I keep searching but it’s like looking into a mirror with another mirror behind me. All I have is faith that there is something worth finding when I reach the center. Am I deluding myself? Is there even a center to find?

I could fall victim to the fallacy that things worked harder for are more valuable than things that come easy. Do you know who you are? It’s OK if you don’t. There are days I wonder about myself, but if we are going to do this I need you to be ready to put your fists down. I am going to need you to lift your chin and expose your neck. I’m going to need you to close your eyes and fall backward into my waiting arms.

Do you want me to be your Daddy? This isn’t a game for me. It isn’t a role play. Put on a show for everyone else in the world. Let them see a billion layers of veneer that covers your soul. When we’re alone that shit is un-fucking-acceptable. It’s OK if you can’t handle my intensity. We can fool around. I can slap you across your pretty face with my cock. You can beg me to rape your cunt as you scream “DADDY!” And it will be fun. I’ll cum. You’ll cum. Maybe, we will even cum together. Shortly after you leave, I’ll text you and say something like, “I love that my seed is leaking out of you on your way home.” And then I’ll watch TV and you’ll stop to get some food.

If this is more I need to feel it when my hands touch you. I can’t just be a guy in your life. I can’t just be a cock that feels good inside your holes. I won’t be some dude you plug-and-play on your fantasy fuck-buddy roster. Do you get it? If you’re in this with me your in it all the way. When you whisper, “Daddy,” and you’ve latched onto my arm, and I am squeezing you into my body, I need it to feel like something inside you shattered. I need it to feel like we are standing on a shoreline watching the ocean recede knowing that soon the tsunami will crash down all around us. And when we’re engulfed in the turbulent ocean I need to know you won’t let go. I need you to know I won’t let go either. If you’re going to be my little girl you need to know I will never let go.