Fuck Toy

When you’re standing in the center of the room, naked, eyes down, and your hands folded in front of you, do you know what is about to come? Can you feel the torment inside me rising like flood waters before they overtake your home? Soon, I am going to hurt you. We both know that. But it isn’t the hurting we savor. It’s the time before the hurt. It’s the pause that exists between nothing and everything. You feel it as my hand touches your face. I linger. You look into me. Your eyes shimmer like light reflecting off puddles of silver mercury. My hand wraps around your throat and they grow brighter.

Do you feel the energy leave your body? It hasn’t left. It retreated within you. It hunkered down to ride out the storm. The result is the same. You are powerless. With my free hand, I grab your hair. I kiss you but you’re too weak to kiss me back. I practically hold you from dropping. And then, when I’ve had enough, I fling your body onto the floor. I snatch your chin and I lift you to meet my cock. I force your mouth open with my head and push deep into your throat. You hold still because I’m holding you still, fucking your mouth like it’s a warm piece of meat I keep laying around for my pleasure. You gag and cough. I thrust deeper and harder. “That’s it,” I whisper. “Take it like good little whore. Gag on my cock like a filthy slut.”

I pull out and drool drips off me. I slap your slutty face with my rock hard erection splattering your saliva everywhere. You open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Look at you. You need this. There wasn’t a switch that flipped. It was more like a slow steady descent. You’re no longer human. You’re a toy- a doll. I move your body exactly the way I want it. I push you onto the bed. I position your knees. I aim your ass up. I go from hole to hole, stretching them both. You hold still because fucktoys don’t move. Their pleasure comes from giving pleasure to the one who owns them. Can you feel my delight as I rip into your body – thrust after thrust, – fucking you like I want to watch the whole world burn. Feel my cum shoot into you. I pull out and another load shoots far up your back. I squeeze a little more into your gaping asshole. You whine and I know why. So I scoop up some of the cum off your skin and from your two holes. I grab your hair. I drag you over to me and watch as you lick my fingers clean.

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