Valentine’s Day Erotica

A quick trip to Vegas for Valentine’s Day on the fifty-third floor of the Aria Hotel, you can’t believe how big our suite is. It opens to a vast common area. All the windows go from ceiling to floor. The sun had just set and the lights of Vegas begin to shine. It’s like watching a digital fireworks display. You run to the bedroom and flop down onto the California king. I can hear you flipping over into the plush comforter. A few moments later you scream “Oh my god!”

I’m tipping the bellhop when I call out to you, “Did you find the bathroom?”

You shout back, “Yes!”

I assume you’re staring at the Jacuzzi tub filled with water and rose petals next to a chilled bottle of champagne. I check my watch, we have a couple of hours before our dinner reservations for Rao’s at Caesar’s Palace. Then we’re hitting up Zumanity by Circ du Soleil. I figured a sexy burlesque show would be a pretty fitting appetizer before we head back to our room.

I’m looking out the window when I hear your heels clicking against the floor. You come up behind me and wrap your arms around me. “I’ve never seen a hotel room like this in my life.”

I shimmy around so we’re face-to-face. We kiss. I hold your cheeks and you pull me into you. When you lean back you have that look I know so well. We shouldn’t play poker while we’re here because you can’t hide a thing. Slowly you slink down to your knees, keeping your eyes locked onto mine. You unzip my fly and reach into my jeans. You stoke me out so I’m good and hard, inches from your mouth.

“This is going to be the best Valentine’s day ever,” you say staring at my cock and licking your lips.

I run my fingers through your hair until I come to rest on the back of your head. “Oh, it is,” I answer, and I pull you closer. Fuck, your mouth feels amazing. You always know exactly how to start with your hand and lips so loose. You get my shaft wet and your grip gradually tightens. I feel your tongue swirling around against my head. “You look so pretty, do you know that? You never look more pretty than when you’re giving me head.”

You smile. Your brown eyes flicker like all those lights along the strip. And then you take me deeper into your throat. Your hand strokes as you suck. I can feel your gratitude. I can feel how much you love me. With every move you make you’re conveying this intensity between us. We both work so hard grinding through life. And sometimes we forget to slow down and enjoy one another. It’s so easy to let one day bleed into another. But the bleeding stops here in this hotel room- on this trivial day we decided to turn into a momentous occasion.

“That’s it,” I whisper to you, pushing you all the way down until my heavy balls are resting on your chin. “Show me how much you want to belong to me.”

You gag and cough but you refuse to pull away. “Good girl,” I encourage you. And I let go. I watch as my long thick cock emerges from your mouth, dripping with spit. You try to catch your breath. But I need you. I can’t wait, and I lift you to your feet. I press you against the window looking out at the massive city. From our room, you can see most of Vegas. All the tall buildings from The Palms to Planet Hollywood are our audience to what I am about to do to you.

Lifting your dress I reach between your legs. Your panties are soaked. I rub you through them and you grind your ass on my dick. “That’s it. That’s my little slut. Are you ready to get fucked?”

You don’t answer but you look over your shoulder and bite your bottom lip. I slam you into the glass and you throw your hands up bracing yourself. I yank your panties to the side and I grip my cock. Rubbing your slutty wet slit you push and I ease right in. I can’t wait for dinner and a show. I need to take what’s mine. I want you to feel me inside you throughout our entire evening.

I slip your shoulder straps off and allow your dress to slide down. “Let the whole fucking city see,” I snarl. “Let them see what a good whore you are. Show them.”

I press you harder against the glass, your face and tits mushed, your nipples flattened. “Does it feel good to be on display for the whole city? You know people are watching, don’t you? They can see you being used like a whore.” I bet there are even some lonely degenerate gamblers who haven’t left for the tables yet. They’re standing at their windows and jerking off. “Go, ahead. Give the city a show.

You lift up your dress and flash your cunt. You rub your clit and I pound into you as hard as I can. If I could I’d shatter the glass so you could feel the wind, so you could feel the fear of falling. “Happy Valentine’s Day. Who owns you?”

You moan, “You do.”

I grab your hair and yank your head back. “Louder! Tell the whole goddamn city!”

“You do! You own me! Only you!”

I fuck you harder, my hips pummeling you. I hope it feels good to be the kind of whore who wants hundreds- maybe thousands of people watching her. I hope it makes your little pussy tremble knowing there are couples right now fucking because they saw you getting fucked. “Holy shit, you feel incredible.”

I’ve reached the point where nothing in the world could stop me from cumming, but I haven’t started yet. I’m holding your hips so tight I want to leave bruises. I want to drag you to the threshold with me. Feel me throbbing inside you. Hear me groaning. I grunt like starving boar. “Give it to me! Cum on my cock!”

And you shake. There’s this eruption inside you that expands from you to me and from me to you. It’s like overlapping ripples- two separate entities gradually merging into one. I let go and you feel me letting go because I am filling you with cum and you’re dripping all over my cock. “Give it to me! Give it all to me! Don’t hold back.”

You beat your fists against the glass. You moan. You cry out. If I didn’t know you were cumming I’d wonder if you were dying. And maybe there isn’t much difference so cum, die, whatever. As long as you’re doing it with me I’m going to be happy.

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