The Song I wrote for you

I want my dominance to be the drumbeat to your life. I want it to be the rhythm for which everything flows through you. I want my hands on your body to be the piano. I want to play you like classical music building you up to a crescendo and then releasing everything at my whim. I want my voice to be the bass guitar. You hear it without hearing it. It’s there but not there. When you don’t have it you miss it. When you do have it, it’s the scaffolding holding everything together. I want my lips kissing you to be the lead guitar. They’re sharp and piercing. Feeling them on your body shoots electricity through your nerves. Let my words be the song. Hear my lyrics in your soul connecting in ways you can’t believe.

This is the music I’ve created. I perform it for you as you sleep. I whisper it when you’re awake. You play me over and over again trying to memorize it word for word. And when you think it’s left you, you stop and catch yourself, “What is that tune I’m humming?” It’s my tune. It’s the tune I sang to seduce you. It’s why you’ve dropped your guard and let me in. I knew the music that would take me directly to your core. I live here now but it feels like I’ve always lived here.

This is what it means to be owned by me. There will be days you get frustrated and want this damn song out of your head. There will be days you scream it in the shower. Blast it with the windows lowered as you speed down the highway. There will be days you want to touch yourself to it. There will be days the song makes you cry. There will be days the song fills you with laughter. And there will be days you want to smash things as it plays. But the one thing I can promise you is this. For as long as you live the song will always be there. I wrote it for you. So play it loud or play it quietly. Sing along out loud or inside your head. It doesn’t matter. It’s as much a part of you as it is me, this song about how I own you, how I need you, and how I love you.

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