Daddy/Daughter: Guided masturbation Instructions for Women

Listen to me very carefully. I want to give you instructions on how to read this. This is not a story. You’re meant to interact with this writing. I’ll ask you questions throughout and I want you to actually respond. Responding in your head is OK if you’re not comfortable, but I prefer you to respond out loud. There are only two acceptable responses as you read through this, “Yes, Daddy” or “No, Daddy.” Do you understand? You should have either just thought the words “Yes, Daddy” or said them out loud. See how simple it is? [Yes, Daddy] Good! Under no circumstance are you allowed to use any toys as you read this? You will only be allowed to use your hand. I want you to imagine I’m speaking these words to you. I want you to imagine my voice is soft and hypnotic, almost a whisper but still incredibly forceful. I can look however you want me to. I can be tall and muscular or I can be fit and thin. I can have long or short hair, blonde or brown, blue eyes or green. It doesn’t matter. Make me into the Daddy you want me to be. Maybe you have a Daddy in your life. Then you should picture him or better yet have him read this to you. Let it be his voice that guides you. Imagine I’m in the room with you. I want you to imagine I am lying in your bed or standing next to you in your chair giving you these instructions. Do you understand? [Yes, Daddy] Good girl. Let’s begin. 

I want to play a game with you. The game is simple. All you have to do is follow my instructions and do as exactly as I say. Not following my instructions will make Daddy very angry and I’ll have to punish you. If you follow my instructions Daddy will be very happy with his little girl. He’ll want to reward with you lots of kisses and cuddles. You don’t want to make Daddy angry, do you?

No? I didn’t think so. You’d rather make Daddy very happy, wouldn’t you?

Good, I thought you might feel that way. I know how much you love getting kisses and cuddles. Daddy loves giving them to you so I hope you can follow what I tell you. Listen close. I’m going to count backward from ten to one. The second I say “one” you need to start cumming. If you cum before I say “one” I’ll punish you. Cumming after I say “one” will not be allowed. Do you understand so far?

Good. First, I want you to get comfortable. Turn out the lights. Turn off the TV and music. I only want you to hear my strong Daddy-voice. Make sure no one will bother us. Lock your door if you need to and then come over next to me. Slide off your bottoms and pull down your panties. That’s it. That’s a good girl. Now, lay down and rest your arms by your side. Keep listening to my words. Keep listening to my strong Daddy-voice. Take your hand and slide the backs of your fingers across your cheek, slowly down to your neck. Feel your fingers glide over your skin, barely making contact. Repeat this a couple of times, up and down along your face to your neck. That’s it. That’s a good girl. Daddy thinks you’re so pretty. Do you like how that feels?

Good, daddy’s glad. Now, take your hand and slide it down over your breasts. Gently circle your nipples with the tip of your finger around and around until they stand erect. Can you feel it? Can you feel your Daddy’s hands on your breasts? I know how much you like having them played with. They’re so soft. If you want, lick your fingers and pinch your nipples some more. Imagine it’s your Daddy’s lips tugging on them. Imagine your Daddy’s nibbling just a little bit. I bet that feels good. Pinch and twist them harder. That’s a good girl. Next, slide your fingers down to your stomach and then back up to your breasts, the backs of your fingers tickling your soft skin. You’re doing so well but listen to what I have to say next because it is very, very, important.


Keep focused on my voice. Just listen to my deep Daddy-voice. Hear my words and pay close attention. All that matters right now is your Daddy’s voice deep inside your little-girl head. Slide your fingers down your leg, slowly over your thigh to your knee, and then back up again. Imagine it’s Daddy’s hand on you, his gentle touch along your thigh. Feel his hand moving up and down your leg over and over, up and down, up and down, and each time he slides his hand up he gets a little closer to where you desperately want him to touch. That’s it. Does it feel good?

You look so beautiful here in the dark. Daddy’s so lucky to have his little girl. Does she want me to touch more of her?

I thought you might. Keep focused on my voice. That’s it. Feel my words borrowing inside your head. Now, take your middle and index finger and use them to part your little-girl lips, slide them between, up, and down, carefully working your fingers deeper. Ease them in up to your first knuckle, and then slowly pull them out. Good girl, now do it again. Get your little girl pussy dripping. Daddy loves when it is all sleek and shiny. It looks smooth and sweet, I can almost taste you. That’s it, now push deeper up to your second knuckle. That’s so good, little girl. Daddy loves seeing your soft small fingers disappear. Pull more of your sweet juices each time your fingers ease out. That’s it. Slowly, in and out. Good girl. Now, drag your wetness up to your clit. Do this over and over again, your fingers all the way in and then all the way out, covering your little clit in cum. This is exactly how Daddy wants to touch you. I’d want to feel your juices on my fingers. I want to feel your body quiver when I rub your clit. It’s Daddy’s hand on you now, can you feel it? Do you feel me touching you?


Place the tips of your middle and index finger about a half-inch above your clit and hold it there for just a moment. Then, SLOWLY start moving in a clockwise circle as if your fingers were at twelve o’clock and your clit was at six o’clock. In your head I want you to count to three. One thousand-one, one thousand-two, one thousand-thee. That’s how long it should take for one full revolution, bringing the tips of your fingers back to twelve o’clock. Good girl, one thousand-one, one thousand-two, one thousand-thee, around and around. Do you hear daddy’s voice as you touch yourself?

Focus on my words. Feel them taking root inside your brain. Daddy owns you. You’re his. Daddy wants you under his spell. He wants you all for himself. Hear my voice. Listen to my words. That’s it. That’s a good girl. I can feel you wanting to go faster. I can feel you fighting your little-girl hand to keep from moving quicker. Daddy’s so proud of you for following his instructions. Keep going around and around the clock, one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two, one-thousand-three. Good girl.


Still moving around and around the clock, one-thousand-one…. I want you to focus on your daddy. I want you to think about how much older I am than you. I have so much more experience than my innocent little girl. That should make you feel tiny and small. That should make you feel curious and full of wonder. You have so many questions and all your answers are right here in Daddy’s voice. Listen to my strong Daddy-voice. Feel me inside your head. Let me in.

Does that turn you on, that Daddy’s so much wiser and more experienced than you? Think about all I could teach you. Giving yourself to me means you can live the rest of your life without doubt. Your daddy will never leave your side. He’ll always be there to guide you. Allow yourself to feel innocent and free from all the burdens you carry with you in your everyday life. Isn’t this what you want? To not have all the fear and anxiety that comes from being an adult. Let go, little girl, let it all wash away. In this moment the only thing that matters is you belong to me. It turns you on so much to hear that, doesn’t it? 

Good, I like knowing that turns you on. Let go. Trust that Daddy’s here to take care of you. You’re his little girl and you’re safe. You’re loved. Do you know how proud your Daddy is of you? You look so beautiful with your hand on your clit, your fingers moving around and around. One-thousand one, one-thousand two, one-thousand three. I’m so proud of you for obeying your daddy. I’m so proud of my little girl for following my instructions. You deserve a reward.

Move your fingers just a little faster.


If you can hold out a little while longer you can sneak into daddy’s room tonight and climb into bed with me. I know how much you love that. You can wiggle your little body close and I can wrap my arms around you. I know that you’re sweet and innocent and probably don’t even realize you’re doing it, but it makes daddy so hard when he feels you wiggle your little bum against me. Daddy’s so hard right now, watching you follow my instructions. Do you like making daddy hard?

I thought you might. Maybe you’re not that innocent after all. You can be a naughty little girl sometimes, can’t you? Sometimes I think maybe you know exactly what you’re doing when whine and stick out your lip. You can be a clever little girl when you “accidentally” brush up against Daddy’s cock in public. I’ve often wondered what you’re thinking about? Are you imagining how good it feels when it’s buried deep inside your little pussy. Picture that for me as you touch yourself. Think about all the ways you get what you want from Daddy. Picture all the little games you play to make me hard. 

That’s it, around and around the clock your little girl fingers go. Don’t stop. Focus on Daddy’s voice. All you can hear are my words. My words are the only thing that exists to you. You feel so comfortable knowing your Daddy’s guiding you. All you want to do is obey your Daddy. Follow my instructions, little girl. Around and around the clock, your little fingers go. Touch yourself for daddy. Hear my strong Daddy-voice. Daddy loves you. 


Move your fingers faster now. I know you want to cum. I know you could probably cum right this instant, but remember, Daddy controls your orgasms. I’m in charge of your body. You must obey. Don’t cum yet or I’ll sit you in the corner. I’ll put you over my knee. Think about that. You don’t want that to happen, do you? It hurts, but something about feels so good. You can’t explain it. The snap of my hand crashing down into you, something about it makes your pussy gush. It keeps your mind from drifting. It forces you to stay in the moment. Is that what you like about it, little girl? When daddy spanks you there’s no place to hide. You have to just take it because you want to show Daddy how strong you are. 

Can you hear it? Can you feel your little bum tingle as you read these words? You want it, don’t you? You want to picture daddy spanking your little ass over and over again, turning it bright red. Can you hear the crack of my hand? You’ve been a bad little girl and daddy needs to punish you. In a moment I want you to close your eyes and picture all of this as you touch yourself, around and around your clit. Don’t stop. No matter what don’t stop. If you need to slow down to keep from cumming, that’s fine. But never stop. I know it turns you on when daddy lifts your skirt above your ass and pulls your panties down around your knees. It’s quite a sight, seeing your little bum exposed, wiggling, waiting for my hand to come crashing down. Do you want it, little girl? Do you want to feel my hand strike you? Then close your eyes and hear my voice. Hear the crack of my hand. “Bad girl! Bad!”

When you open your eyes…


I know you’re even closer, now. I know you’re so close to cumming. Don’t do it. Hold it back. Don’t make Daddy angry. You want to be a good girl, today. Not daddy’s little whore. Don’t be a bad little slut and cum too soon. You need to be strong like Daddy’s taught you. You need to learn to wait and control yourself. In a moment I want you to close your eyes and focus on the words. “Daddy’s little slut. Daddy’s little whore. Daddy’s little cum slut…” 

You can’t explain it. You don’t know why, but for some reason, it feels so good to hear Daddy talk down to you. Of course, you always want to be his good little girl, but sometimes it feels so right to be bad. Sometimes you want to be a ditty little whore for Daddy and let him use all your holes. Don’t you? 

I thought as much. Fine. Let go. Think about it. Listen to my words when you close your eyes. Imagine being a dirty little cock sucking whore for your Daddy. Imagine me filling up all your holes with cum. It feels so good letting daddy use you for pleasure, doesn’t it? Hear my voice and imagine that. Imagine daddy grabbing you by your hair, bending you over, and using you like a fuck toy. Soon I’ll want you to close your eyes and think about how much pleasure you get knowing that daddy wants you so aggressively. Allow your hand to move even faster around your little clit, back and forth. Close your eyes and picture everything I’ve told you so far. Be daddy’s little whore. You can do it. Take his cock like a good girl. Show him how much you like being his play toy. 

When you open your eyes…


Around and around your fingers go, a little faster, now. I know you feel all tingly inside and want to let go but hold on a little longer. Does it make you feel good to know that Daddy’s so happy with you, right now? 

Good, I like making my little girl happy. Do you like making me happy? That’s your purpose, isn’t it? Your purpose is to serve me. It’s to take care of me and make me feel good. You already know the best way to do that, don’t you? Think about how tired I am sometimes after a long day, and how I just want to relax. Won’t it make you feel good to help me relax? Come to daddy and sit between my legs. That’s it. Rest your head right here in my lap and let me pet you for a while. Do you feel it? Do feel that pressure building in my pants. You know that means, don’t you?

Go, ahead. Unzip Daddy’s fly. Hear my words. Hear my strong Daddy-voice getting inside your head as you picture my thick hard cock in your hand. Look at it throbbing up at you, smooth and veiny. Show daddy how much you love him. Open nice and wide. That’s it, little girl. Take daddy in your mouth. Show me how much you can fit down your throat. Soon I’ll ask you to close your eyes and focus on these thoughts. You exist to take care of, Daddy. Your purpose is to serve him. Think about how you want to be his special girl and do all the things you can to make him feel relaxed and loved. Think about how you want to feel daddy’s cock sliding down the back of your throat. It’s what your mouth was made for, isn’t it? Now, close your eyes and suck daddy’s cock. 

When you open your eyes…


You make daddy feel so special. You give Daddy purpose. That’s why you’re so important to me. It’s my job to protect you. It’s my job to take care of you. It’s my job to keep you safe from all the scary things in the world. And I take my job very seriously. I won’t ever let anything bad happen to my little girl, my special little princess. 

I know that you can be a big girl and do the things you need to, but sometimes it feels so good to fall into these roles. Sometimes it feels so good to just pretend that you need my big strong arms wrapped around you; to wash away all the pain. And maybe it is only temporary. Maybe it’s never meant to be fully real, but it’s in these moments I feel closest to you. You take care of me. Let me take care of you. Let me tell you nothing’s ever going to hurt you. Allow me to promise to shield you from all the pain and hurt. 

Real or pretend, it doesn’t matter. Because when I speak those words I mean it. I want them to be the truest thing I have ever said. And I hope my little girl can feel it. I hope she feels overwhelmed that she has a Daddy who loves her with all his heart.

In a moment close your eyes, and keep touching yourself, faster and faster. Focus on these words: Daddy will keep you safe. Daddy will protect you. Daddy will take care of you. Close your eyes now.

When you open your eyes…


We’re so close. I know you are about to explode. Move your hand faster- as fast as you want around and around. Hear Daddy’s words. Hear my voice. Feel my words filling your head. They’re all that matters. Daddy’s all that matters. I own you. You belong to me. Get yourself right on the edge of cumming. That’s it. Such a good girl. Are you close?

You feel like you’re on a cliff looking over the edge, don’t you? All you need to do is take one step and you’ll fall off. You’ll fall off into the biggest orgasm you’ve ever had in your entire life. But just wait. You don’t have my permission yet. You need my permission to cum. Daddy promises he’ll give it to you soon. Hold on for few more seconds. Focus on these words: “Daddy loves you. Daddy loves his little girl so much. You are daddy’s little princess. You are daddy’s special little girl.” Can you hear me? Can you hear Daddy whispering to you? Feel my hand petting your head, as you furiously rub your clit. Push up. Push up into me. There you go. You’re right there now. Are you ready to explode? Are you ready to let go? I want it. I want all of you. Don’t hold back. Give Daddy everything you have.


Cum for me. Cum for me right now, little girl. Let it out. Fall off the cliff. Feel yourself exploding from within. Can you feel it? Can you feel the orgasm cascading over you? Don’t stop moving your hand around and around. Let your body move however it needs to move. It’s Daddy’s voice that’s making you cum. It is Daddy’s voice that has control over you. You’re mine. I own you, little girl. Do you know that? You belong to me. Give it to me. I want it. Cum for your Daddy. Don’t stop. Be a good little whore. Be a good little princess. Cum for me. Now! Right now! Keep cumming. Daddy will keep you safe. You’ve nothing to fear. I’ll always be here with you, no matter what. Keep rubbing, faster, faster, faster. I want it all. Your orgasm is mine. All mine. Daddy’s so greedy for his little girl’s cum. Give me one on top of another. Stack them until they shatter the roof above you until every ounce of energy has left your body. And even then, find a way to keep cumming for me. Make your Daddy happy. Make me proud. Moan for me. Cry out that you need me. Scream out for “Daddy” at the top of your lungs. Everything will be OK. Because this is your life now. You’ve given yourself to me. Daddy’s made you cum. If you think I’m done with you then you don’t know how this works. I’m going to keep returning. I’m going to do this to you over and over again. My voice will be all you hear. And in the end, it will be all you need.