Overcoming Her Hangups

Sabrina lays on her back, naked, her hands by her side. Kaleb lays beside her, brushing his fingers through her hair. “I want to do something for you,” he whispers. “If you’d allow me, I want to kiss all the way down your body until my head’s between your legs.”

Sabrina swallows hard. Her face scrunches together. “Hmmm…” she says, her voice trailing off. She was about to answer with, “I don’t know,” but Kaleb beat her to it.

“It’s just that in the short time we’ve been intimate you’ve given me so much pleasure with your mouth. You’ve made me feel so fucking good so many times. If I could give you a little of that it would make me happy.”

Sabrina’s mind flashes to all the men she’s had throughout her forty years. How they dove right in and attacked her clit like they were rabid Rottweilers. She thought about how she’d crawl back up the bed and they’d crawl with her. She’d be laying there compressed into the headboard trying to fake an orgasm so they’d stop.

Kaleb kisses Sabrina’s shoulder. He kisses his way up her neck to her lips. Their mouths open and their tongues met. When he pulls away, he asks, “Do you want me to?”

Sabrina nods and Kaleb smiles. He kisses the corner of her mouth and down her cheek. He kisses her chin and down along her neck to her collarbone. He kisses where her arm meets her beast. Then he moves lower until he reaches her nipple. He’s soft and sensual and he seems to be a little more adept than she’s used to, but Sabrina can’t forget her past experiences. She remembers the time the guy bit her clit, or the time the guy tried to stick his whole fist up her ass. She remembers the time that one guy stopped every thirty seconds to ask, “Are you close?”

Cupping a breast in each hand, Kaleb sucks. He holds a nipple between his lips and tugs on it ever so slightly. Sabrina feels her skin elongating. She feels the pull, and she tries, she really tries to let go. If it had been only foreplay her pussy would be dripping. If she knew this was leading to her getting split in two by his cock, then she’d be moaning like a needy little slut. But that wasn’t what was happening. Her body understood where this was going, and every inch of her was rigid.

All she could think about was how recently she shaved her pubic hair. When was her last shower? How much had she sweated today? What if he’s really bad? She worried it might ruin everything. Would he want to do it again and again to the point Sabrina would have to stop seeing him? Her thoughts were interrupted by Kaleb’s voice.

“You know what one of my favorite things about you is?”

Sabrina shook her head.

Kaleb rubs his cheek against her stomach. It feels like fine-grain sandpaper on her skin. “I love how soft you are,” he responds. “It’s unreal. Every inch of you feels like warm playable glass.”

Sabrina smiles, “Thanks, I think.”

Kaleb presses his nose to her stomach and inhales deeply, “Oh, it’s definitely a compliment. And every inch of you smells so good.”

Sabrina winces as Kaleb kisses her lower. I really hope it is every inch. Her breaths grow heavier and her palms raise off the bed.

She assumes Kaleb is going to dive right in but that isn’t what happens. He kisses down her thigh to her knee, and then he switches legs. He kisses back up. All of a sudden, his face is between Sabrina’s breasts, jumping right over her pussy. He’s sucking and nibbling. It’s like that was where he wanted to end up all along. I thought he wanted to go down on me?

“Fuck, I love your breasts,” he moans, squeezing them so hard. Sabrina arches her back and her palms lower until they are back on the bed.

He keeps climbing. And now they are kissing again. Their mouths opened even wider than before. Their tongues are even more aggressive. Sabrina runs her fingers through Kaleb’s brown and gray hair. She cradles his head close and her naked body squirms against him.

Eventually, Kaleb kisses the corner of Sabrina’s mouth. He kisses down her cheek to her chin. And then, his lips move down her neck to her collarbone. His eyes look up at her and he flashes a little smile. Sabrina smiles back. Her shoulders sink into the bed. She had no idea she was holding so much tension there. It was like her shoulders were elastic bands stretched to the point of breaking. Now, they can finally relax.

Kaleb kisses where her arm and breast meet, and then he goes lower, cupping them and sucking on each nipple until they are long and firm. Sabrina pets his soft hair, less aware of his planned final destination. Even with her large breasts obscuring much of Kaleb she can still see him. His face is weathered from age but it hasn’t gotten the better of him. He has deep smile lines around his mouth and eyes. His brow is permanently furrowed. There is a scar that begins in his eyebrow and reaches to his cheek. Sabrina had never asked him about it. She assumed it was a trophy from a misspent youth that no longer had any bearing on who he was.

After a long while, Kaleb leaves Sabrina’s breasts and kisses down to her stomach. Her hands remain in his hair, massaging his scalp. She lets out a couple of long deep breaths as her lover kisses down one leg to her knee and then back up the other. His lips move all around her pussy but never touch it. He kisses along the edges of her slit and right above her clit. Then he stops. His brown eyes glare at Sabrina. He opens his mouth and his tongue falls out. He inches lower and lower, getting closer and closer. Sabrina grins, and her hips lift off the bed. He’s almost there. He’s so close to the tip of his tongue touching Sabrina’s clit.

And then… he kisses up her stomach to her breasts. Sabrina faux slaps Kaleb’s head. “Oh my god. You tease.” She can feel him chuckling against her.

“I don’t think you want it bad enough, yet,” he says through gritted teeth, nibbling one of her nipples.

Sabrina rubs her legs together. “I think my pussy would disagree with you. It’s dripping.

Kaleb reaches between her legs and runs his hand over her pussy. Then he brings up his glistening fingers, rubbing her wetness around her breasts. He licks her areoles clean one at a time, holding eye contact with his lover. Her teeth bite into her bottom lip and Kaleb whispers. “Fuck me. You taste amazing.” He licks his fingers and adds, “Absolutely incredible.”

He reaches back into her wetness; this time Sabrina can see her juices stretched between his middle and index finger. He slowly moves them closer to her mouth. She opens and he runs them over her tongue. He covers her lips. She sucks on them, and then he dives into her, kissing hard, licking every part of her mouth.

Pulling away he asks, “Do you know how sexy you are? Do you have any idea how badly I want to feel you explode against my face?”

Sabrina radiates like she can’t hold it back. She turns her head away and she blushes. Kaleb pulls her gaze back to him. “No really. You’re so fucking sexy. Do you want me to go down on you?”

Sabrina nods, her hips push up into Kaleb. Petting her hair off her face he smiles a huge beaming smile, filling all of the lines around his mouth and eyes. Even his scar seems to smile. Then he kisses lower, down her cheek, to her breasts. Sabrina’s hips move up and down like they are encouraging him to hurry. He kisses her stomach and down her thigh. Sabrina’s body heated up. She can feel blood rushing from her veins to her capillaries.

“Tell me you want it,” Kaleb whispers, his warm breath on her skin.

Sabrina squirms. “I do want it. I really want it.”

Kaleb presses his lips to her pussy. He kisses her a few times and then he pulls away. “Do you mean it? You seemed a little hesitant. I want to make sure.” Then he presses his lips into Sabrina’s wetness and kisses once more.

“Yes!” Sabrina almost yelled. “Yes,” she said a second time but more quietly. “I want it. Please,” she begged. “Please lick my pussy. I want you to have all of me.”

Kaleb slips his hands under Sabrina’s thighs and raises them over his shoulders. She locks her heels into his back and he continues to gently kiss her. “Like this?” Kaleb asks. Sabrina only nods.

“And like this,” Kaleb asks again, before parting her lips with his tongue.

Sabrina shudders and swallows hard. She holds her breath but doesn’t answer.

Kaleb’s fingers massage her legs. One slowly trails up over her stomach and squeezes a breast. “Maybe, like this?” he asks. His tongue flicking her clit.

Teasing her, kissing her, lapping her up, Kaleb takes his time. He doesn’t dig like a contractor with a bulldozer. He’s more like an archeologist. Every grain of sand; every pebble might be important.

Sabrina’s mind goes blank. All the sensations and all her thoughts fold in on themselves. All her doubts and insecurities fade. Her hands grip Kaleb’s hair. She holds him on her clit as she grinds on his face. She moans. She gasps. And this is nothing like she remembers. There is no clumsiness. There is no tacit quid pro quo. Sabrina can tell that licking her is what Kaleb wants. He doesn’t want it for his ego. He doesn’t want it because he feels obligated. He wants it because his woman cumming on his tongue excites him as much as her cumming on his cock.

He somehow hears Sabrina’s unspoken pleas. More tongue. Faster. Less tongue. Slower. Left to right. Now, right to left. Up and down. Now fast. All over the place. Ok, slow. Slower. Fast! Slow! Fast! She couldn’t tell if she was guiding him or he was guiding her. But her hips rose off the bed. Her nails dug into his scalp. “Yes!” She cries out as he slips a finger inside her. “Yes!” She cries out again when he slips in another.

Slowly, he finger-fucks her, his knuckles curving upwards. His tongue acts schizophrenic zigzagging in random directions, always crossing her clit at the center. It feels like she was being shot with billions of tiny pleasure-giving bullets from every possible direction.

“Do you want to cum for me?” Kaleb stops long enough to ask.

“YES!” Sabrina screams, shoving him back into her.

She loves the idea that she is smearing all her juices onto him. The next time she sees his face she wants him glistening. She wants him glowing. Sabrina wants him to look like he’s been doused in coconut oil. Kaleb uses his free hand to peel back the skin over her clit, exposing every millimeter of it. He licks faster, never coming at it from the same direction twice. He moans and the vibrations from his throat send shockwaves through every part of her.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! Yes! Please! Yes! That’s it!”

Kaleb moans louder. The shockwaves grow. Sabrina moans and Kaleb responds by moaning even louder. The cycle continues until it feels like Sabrina is on the edge of a cliff. It feels like she’s on a boat in rough seas. All she needs is one more rogue wave to capsize her. Just when she thinks it isn’t going to happen, Kaleb whispers, “Cum for me. Give it to me. I want it, right now.”

Sabrina lets go of his hair and her fists beat into the mattress. Her heels dig deep into his back. She pushes up with her entire body. She can’t take any more of Kaleb’s mouth on her clit but instead of stopping he dives back in. He shakes his whole head back and forth with the thickest part of his tongue pushing into her. His fingers keep moving in and out of her pussy.

“Fuck! Oh, Fuck!” Panic consumes Sabrina because she thinks it’s too much. It’s just too much. But her body disagrees. Her orgasm morphs into another orgasm. It’s more ferocious than the first. It explodes out of her in a burst of fluid. She feels it dripping all over her thighs. She feels it soaking the sheets. She feels it on Kaleb’s face. At the exact moment it attains its peak, Kaleb stops. He rests his drenched cheek on her thigh and looks up at the writhing woman in his bed.

She can’t contain herself. Her whole body is possessed. He has stopped going down on her but the orgasm persists. Her juices drain out of her pussy. She whines. She shakes. Nothing makes sense. Her whole life, since she started masturbating – since she started having sex – she had never felt anything like this.

Kaleb is smiling up at Sabrina. She shrugs. Her eyes open wide. “What just happened?”

“You came,” Kaleb glibly answers. “You came really hard. Look I’m wearing most of it.”

“I don’t know what to say… That was amazing.”

Kaleb touches Sabrina’s face with his wet fingers. “Honey… it isn’t over. I’m just waiting for you to catch your breath.”

Sabrina wasn’t sure if she was laughing or crying. It might have been both. But, for the first time in her life, she was excited that someone was about to go down on her. She threw her head back into the pillow, and Kaleb began kissing his way up to Sabrina’s breasts.

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