The Big Tease

I wonder at what point you’d figure it out. Is it when I kiss from your lips to your neck? I nibble down to your shoulder. You stretch like a cat giving me more ground to cover. Do you know what I have planned or are you too distracted by the tingles running through your spine? When I squeeze your breasts together can you sense that I have a destination or are you overwhelmed by the feeling of having your nipples in my mouth? I suck so hard elongating them. I hold them between my lips. My rough hands massage gently at first but the more I suck and play the more my primal side wants to devour you. Run your fingers through my hair. Hold me to your chest like you want to feed me your love.

I stay there so long it must seem like this is what I have planned. Tonight is breast play night. By all accounts, that’s a good night. They’re so soft and full. Your skin is so smooth. I could easily stay there sucking and kissing until they’re covered in hickeys but when I kiss lower surely this can’t be stomach play night. I kiss around your bellybutton and back up to your breasts. By now you have an idea of what’s coming but I want to stretch it out as long as I can. I return once again to your breasts and then back down to your stomach. I move up to your neck and then down to your hips. Every pass I get closer and closer so your body has time to acclimate. I tease you with evil grins and my hand brushing across your inner thigh. Your hips push into me. Your body begs for my lips on you your pussy and my tongue on your clit. Beg harder.

I lick your breasts once more but you’re pushing on top of my head. I look at you looking down at me. I smile. You frown. Never have you been so disappointed when I kiss you. Your tongue frustratingly enters my mouth as you try to shove me lower. But I’m in control. Never forget that. We’re on my schedule, not yours. Maybe this is the start of a week-long tease where I constantly feign pussy eating. I have been known to be so cruel. That’s the fear running through your head. I love giving you what you want at the exact moment you think you’ll never get it. I feed off your frustration. I can taste your anticipation like a fragrance you wear. Higher and lower, feeling all over your body except the one place you want me to touch, suffer for me.

Kissing up and down your thigh, this must be it. I’m so close. Do I have the willpower not to taste your wetness? Could I possibly stop short of sliding my tongue between your lips? Inch by inch you feel the trail of saliva I’m leaving. It goes from warm to cold. Goosebumps rise and fall. Your hands are in my hair. Your nails are in my scalp. Grinding your body against me you need this. You need to lay back and feel your body explode against my tongue. But do I need it? The answer is yes. It is always yes. But do I need it right now? I don’t know.

Have you been a good girl? Have you earned it? I rest the side of my face on your leg like I am about to take a nap and you kick your legs out and lock them onto my shoulders. Your nails rip into my scalp but I am too strong for you. Even with all your might, you can’t get me to budge any closer. “Did you want something?” I ask like a blackmailer who has your dirtiest secret in his back pocket.

You literally kick my shoulder blade when you answer, “You know what I want.”

“Oh,” is all I respond with and I continue kissing your thigh. Up and down, I nibble into your soft tissue. Fuck, you smell so good. Your wetness is leaking out of you. Do you know that I’m desperate to taste you? I want to slip my tongue inside you on my way to your clit. I want your juices to drip into my mouth. I want to swallow you as you fuck my face. It could happen. This could be it. I’m so close you feel my stubble against your lips. My hot breath rushes across your skin. Feel the way your body anticipates what could be coming. It’s almost like I am already doing it. You’re on the tip of a blade teetering between misery and bliss. This is where you belong. This is where I need to keep you. And for now, this is where you will stay.

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