The 24/7 dynamic We Need

I live in this dynamic with you every day – 24/7 – because I’d be crazy to not want this all the time. I crave that feeling you give me when your head is bowed but you’re looking up at me from underneath your hair. Is it so wrong wanting to be worshiped by something so beautiful? All life does is remind us that we’re not important- that we’re small little things surrounded by giants. The way you rub my shoulders makes me think for a moment that maybe I am one of those giants. The way your lips feel on my neck makes me think I’m bigger than I am.

Kink is great at night when the kids are asleep. We turn the music up and lock our bedroom door. We get out all our toys. You put on jaw-dropping lingerie. But it’s just as great in the morning in the kitchen when you’re hair is still wet and you’re making breakfast. My need to own you is so persistent. I rub your ass as you scramble eggs. I remind you of the bruises I left there. When I press my body against your back; when I move your hair off your shoulder; when I bite into that tender spot where your neck meets your shoulder, it’s because you belong to me.

I can’t shed these prehistoric masculine qualities. No matter how evolved I get, I want to mark what’s mine. I want to dominante what’s mine. I want to protect what’s mine. That doesn’t go away when we’re taking a walk along the trails. It doesn’t vanish just because you’re sitting on the couch with your air pods in. You’re need to submit is just as deeply rooted. I can awaken it by simply moving your hand to my cock. I can remind you of your purpose by forcing you to your knees.

I wouldn’t want to ever shut this off. If anything I’d rather break the spigot and flood our life. If I have to die let me drown in your submission. If you have to burn let my dominance be the match.

Every second of every day you belong to me. This is where our truth simmers. It’s where our bond is strongest. The first time I clasped a collar around your neck is when you promised to be the most honest and real version of yourself. Every minute since you’ve been trying to honor that promise. That’s why this is 24/7. Every moment since I’ve been trying to protect your heart from breaking again. That’s why this is 24/7. Yeah, I can fuck you any time I want. I can cum inside your cunt or your mouth or your ass. I can tie you up. I can choke you and leave bruises all over your body, but this is 24/7 because the promises we’ve made are 24/7. They don’t sleep. They don’t take days off. They’re the bedrock of why we love and need one another.

Remember this when I sneak an ass grab in a crowded space. Never forget this when I pet your hair as you cry. When we’re fighting hold onto it somewhere deep inside. If you let it, this 24/7 dynamic can be your shield. It can be the warm blanket that covers you as you sleep. It can be your brass knuckles when you need to go to battle. It can be everything because to me you’re everything. To you, I’m everything. As long as we keep the promises we’ve made this will never fade, 24/7 until death and beyond, into the fog or the clear blue skies, in boat-capsizing waters or calm flat seas, I will love you and you will love me. You will be mine and I will be yours.

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