cum on command

Lay back and listen. Wherever you’re reading this, no matter who’s around you, take a deep breath. In through the nose and out through the mouth. Good. Now do it again. I want you relaxed. I want you calm. Wherever you’re sitting or lying, feel yourself settling in. Feel yourself getting even more comfortable. Take another deep full breath. That’s it. I’m in control now.

I know you have a good imagination. I want you to picture the back of a perfect hand. Can you see the tendons and veins? Is it Black, tanned, or white? It doesn’t matter. See the hand you want to see. It can be the hand of someone you love. It can be the hand of someone you lust after. It can be a figment of your imagination. Just get it clear in your mind. Now, imagine the person the hand is attached to. It can be someone specific or it can be someone made up. He can be tall and dark or thin and pale. Picture the person who you most want to touch you. It doesn’t matter who. Imagine whatever makes you feel the calmest and the most relaxed. Good. Now take another deep breath.

Imagine his hand is moving closer and closer. You aren’t scared. If anything, you want him to move faster. You want his hand on you but it’s moving so slow. Feel your body lifting to meet him. Feel the gravity of his hand pulling you up from your seat. As he gets closer, you somehow know he understands what you need. You know that he’s going to touch you in exactly the ways you need to be touched.

I want you to feel it, really try to feel it. Feel the backs of his fingers move from your chin up your jawline. In a moment he’s going to speak. I want you to imagine his voice is deep and soothing. I want you to imagine his words wrap around you like a warm blanket on a chilly night. Good. Now, take another deep breath. Hear his voice. “That’s it. You’re mine, now.”

His fingers brush your hair back behind your ear and you tilt your head to expose more of your neck. Of course, he understands. He gets that is the most vulnerable part of your body and you’re saying “I want to be even more vulnerable with you.” He slides his hand down your neck. He gives you the chills as he flashes the perfect smile. It’s the smile you’ve been craving to see. It’s the smile that lets you know how pleased he is with the way you’re responding to his touch.

As his hands move along your collarbone, I want you to understand what’s happening. Every inch of your body is exposed. All the imperfections and flaws you carry around with you, he can see. But instead of feeling insecure this perfect man with the perfect hand wants all of you. He wants to claim every inch from head to toe. Take a deep breath and understand that he doesn’t see the imperfections you see. All he sees is an amazing and beautiful body.

Feel the temperature rise as his hand moves up and down your arm. Feel the goosebumps appear and the chills in your spine. Hear his voice. “Do you know how sexy I think you are? Do you know how much I want you?”

Don’t answer. Just enjoy the way his hand slowly draws closer to your breasts. Feel your chest rise to meet his fingers. Feel your skin tingle as he circles around and around one breast and then the other spiraling closer and closer to your nipples. “I know how much this part of your body gets ignored,” he says. “But I promise to give you the attention you deserve.”

Spiraling up and then spiraling back down, just when you think he’s going to move on to another body part, he takes your nipple between his thumb and index finger. Ever so gently he squeezes, and your back arches. He knows you want more. He understands you want him to take more and more control. How couldn’t he? You’ve waited so long for this. All you’ve ever wanted was to show you can be obedient. “Do you want to be mine?” he asks. “Do you want to submit to me?”

You nod yes, and he squeezes a little harder.

“Do you really want me to own you?”

You nod more enthusiastically.

Your nipple is still between his fingers and he gently twists them back and forth. Can you feel it? Can you feel the soft pain as he tugs on them? Can you feel your legs squirming as switches from one breast to the other? Let go, right now. Just let go completely. Give in to the words you’re reading. Feel yourself there in this moment with the perfect hand from the perfect man twisting and pulling on your nipples. Feel how long they’ve grown. Feel how tender they are. Feel how wet your pussy is. So often you’re inside your head. Too often you miss out because all the voices tell you, “no.” This time is different. You’re going to let go because you understand it feels so good to let go. You are going to submit because you desperately want to submit.

His hand moves down to your stomach and back up to your breasts, and sometimes all the way up to your throat. You tilt your chin back exposing more of your neck again, making yourself even more vulnerable. Blood rushes to the surface of your skin to meet wherever his hand goes. And even though your body is getting warmer and warmer, and you’re squirming in your seat, you feel so calm- so at ease.

His hand passes over your pussy without touching it and continues moving down your leg. Up and down, up and down, he skims along the soft flesh of your thigh. Every time he moves up, he gets a little closer. You feel your hips pushing towards him, trying to get him to touch your wet slit, but he won’t. He’s so close, now. All he has to do is go another centimeter or two and he’d be able to feel your juices leaking out. I want you to feel that frustration inside your chest. I want you to have the urge to scream out, “Will you just fucking touch my god damn cunt!” But you can’t. You won’t. Because you know you need to be a good and obedient submissive. If you’re ever going to get what you want you need to play by his rules. He owns you. He’s in control.

His hand moves down over your knee and along your calf, switching from one leg to the other. “You understand I can’t stop, right? Not until I’ve touched every inch of you.”

You nod but the frustration hasn’t left your body. This tension has built up and you can feel it. There is energy resting in your hips and stomach. It’s radiating throughout your body. As his hand claims the rest of you, you focus on this tension. It builds like water smashing against a dam. It’s like a storm surge pounding against a levy. As his hand glides along your feet, down to your toes, and then back up to your calves, you lose all control. It has been pouring out of you this entire time and into the hand of the man you’ve been imaging. Every hair, every freckle, every limb, every organ, every cell, every nerve, every atom that makes up you is now his.

So, when his hand moves back up your leg and your body rises it is him doing that to you. When your juices leak out of you it is him who is causing that to happen. “You’ve been a good girl. I’m proud of you for doing everything I’ve asked. Are you ready for your reward?”

But the tension has built up too much and you can’t even nod anymore. Instead, your eyes open wide and your pupils dilate. His hand brushes over your pussy lips on the way to your clit. And you feel a jolt rush through you. It’s like being slapped in the face by a brick of ice. It is like being snapped out of a thousand-year sleep. He applies almost no pressure, and you’re ready to cum. You would have if he didn’t say, “No, not yet. Not until you have my permission.”

So, you bite into your lip as he slowly moves his finger around and around. Your hips move with him like they’re stings and you’re his horny marionette. Focus on that feeling, the way his fingers are almost teasing you. He could be going so much faster if he wanted, but he doesn’t. He wants to keep you on the edge. He wants the water to rise. He wants the pressure to build. And you have no choice. You can’t speak. You can’t cry out, “Will you just fucking make me cum.” Instead, all you can do is wait and hope that he isn’t some cruel evil sadist who gets off on bring girls close to orgasm and then stopping.

The rate of speed his fingers circle your clit picks up ever so slightly, but to you, it feels like going from a dirt road to a highway. What does he expect? Are you supposed to just hold it in forever? You feel your pussy gushing. You feel your legs shaking. You haven’t blinked in over a minute. When he speaks it is as calm and soothing as his first words, “I’ve touched all over your body and examined every inch of you. You know what I’ve learned. You’re fucking sexy. You’re so goddamn hot. Look at you right now. Your naked body is squirming under the pressure of my hand. You’re right there on the verge of cumming. I feel it, and I know you can feel it.”

Again, his hand moves faster and you pound your fist. Your whole life you’ve wanted this- wanted to lose control. Now that you have, all you want is to take some of it back. It is your orgasm. You should be able to have it, but part of you deep down understands it will be so much better when he takes it from you, the man in your imagination, the man who owns you. Whether or not he’s real or he’s your creation, it doesn’t matter. You can feel it all over. Every part of your body needs this. You’re desperate to prove you can be good and obedient.

“Do you want to be a good girl? Do you want to be obedient?”

Again, you can’t answer because you’re worried if you open your mouth you might accidentally release your orgasm. So, you lock your lips as tears well up in your eyes. You close them and try to think of something lame, like work or Thanksgiving with your family. And for the first time, he raises his voice, “No! Eyes open. Stay here with me. I’m in control. You’re mine. You understand. You are all mine.”

Finally, you get it. There is no place to hide, not from him and not from yourself. You’re in this moment, and you will be in this moment as long as he wants you to be. Faster and faster, his hand moves back and forth. It all starts to come back. You were on Fet. You started reading something. And then all of a sudden you were here with this person. He touched every inch of you. It felt amazing. Now, his hand is on your clit and you want to do is scream out in an orgasmic explosion.

“That’s it. Are you ready? Do you want to obey me? Do you want to show me that you can be good and obedient? I’m going to count backward from five to one. When I say one, you will cum for me- not a second before and not a second after. Five.”

When he says “five” it sends a shockwave through your body. You’re strong. You’re independent. But right now, at this moment all you want to do is obey him.


Give yourself to him, completely. Make him proud.


He owns you. You’re his. He’s yours. You’re so fucking close.


This’s it. Feel yourself right there on the edge. One more step and you can fall off the cliff. One more inch and you will finally be allowed to explode.

“One! Cum for me! Right now! Give me my orgasm! I want it! I need it! Show me how much you want to please me by cumming for me right, fucking, now!”

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