Hotwife her Daddy and her Cuck

I come up behind Angie and gently slip off her thick Turkish terry cloth robe, letting it fall to the floor by her feet. Her husband sits on the gray pleather couch watching me kneed deep into his wife’s large round breasts. They are thick and soft and heavy and her flesh craters underneath my touch. When I kiss her neck, she arches her back and rubs her ass against my bulge. Sucking hard, she moans. I suck harder, breaking the capillaries just under her skin. This will serve as a reminder to the husband that I was in their home- that I took what I wanted right in front of him and that he wasn’t man enough to stop me.

“Are you ready to be a good girl?” I ask slipping my hand between Angie’s legs over the soft thin layer of hair until I’ve found her sleek wet slit.

“Yes, daddy” she whispers, her eyes locked onto her husband. “I’m ready to be a good girl, for you.” The words “for you” come offer her tongue like a whip on the back of her husband’s self-esteem. My fingers move around and around her clit and her whole body squirms against me.

When I turn Angie around, we are face-to-face. She bites her lip. We kiss like we’ve been in love for 1000 years, our mouths opening, our tongues press firm against one another. Her hands slide underneath my shirt, and her nails scratch my skin. I cradle her face and gently brush her hair behind her ears. When I’ve had my fill, I pull away. “What would your husband think if he knew how badly you wanted me?”

“Ugh,” she groans. “He’d do nothing. He’d do exactly what he’s doing now. He’d sit quietly as he watched.”

I kiss Angie’s forehead and touch her face. “Show me that you belong to me and not him.”

And with that Angie drops to her knees, her eyes lock onto mine the entire time she descends. She unzips my fly and unbuckles my belt. She pulls down my jeans and boxers in one smooth motion. My half-erect cock flops around from side-to-side and she gasps. “It’s so much bigger than his, like so much bigger.” She giggles and adds, “This is a real man’s cock.”

I rest my hand on Angie’s head and guide her closer. She takes the tip between her lips and sucks on it before pushing lower. I grow inside her mouth. Her rough tongue glides along my shaft until her chin is an inch from my balls. “Show daddy how much you love his dick.”

She sucks and strokes. Her hair sways as she bobs back and forth. Each time she pushes lower she makes a gulping sound. Without warning, she stops all the way down with her chin pressed into my balls. She stays there for five seconds and then ten. Her face turns red and drool leaks out of the corners of her mouth. She stays down for fifteen seconds and then twenty seconds. My head throbs against the back of her throat. I feel it hitting the wall but she doesn’t care. She wants me deep in her esophagus. “I bet you’ve never deep-throated your husband like this.”

Angie pulls away and huffs for air. Gobs of saliva droop from my dick and her face. She catches it and rubs it into my skin as she strokes me with both hands. “Are you kidding me, Daddy? He isn’t even big enough to make me gag.”

I sway my hips fucking Angie’s mouth-pussy. One of her hands strokes me. The other massages my balls. I have to swallow a laugh when I catch a glimpse of the husband. He is just sitting there. His face is all scrunched up like he is about to cry, but he is also rubbing himself through his pants.

“Do you feel how firm you’re making your Daddy? Just when I think I can’t grow anymore it keeps getting thicker inside your mouth.”

Angie can’t respond with words but I feel her smile on my cock. “Keep sucking your Daddy. Show your husband how a good girl sucks a cock.”

Eventually, I pull Angie off by her hair and lift her to her feet. “Do you want Daddy inside you?” I ask. “It’s probably been so long since you’ve had a real cock you might not know how to handle it.”

“Yes, Daddy. I need it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Please, Daddy,” she begs. “Give it to me. I want my husband to see how a real man fucks. He’s always so gentle. I might as well be having sex with another girl.”

I bend Angie in front of her husband and she rests her forearms on the armrest next to him. Sliding my hand up her back, over her neck, my fingers run through her hair. I grab hold and pull so she is face-to-face with him. And then, I rub my head on her dripping wet slit. “Is this what you want?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she whimpers.

“How bad?” I ask, parting her lips with the tip.

“I’ll do anything for it. I want to feel like a woman again. I haven’t felt like one in so long.”

I gently ease into her, watching my cock disappear. Angie looks into her husband’s eyes and moans. “Oh… My… Fucking… God!”

With both hands, I grab her curvy hips and thrust. Our bodies slam together, jolting her forward. Ripples run through her sexy thick thighs and round ass. Then, I slowly pull away. I want Angie to feel the friction of every single inch against her lips. At the moment I am about to slip out I thrust again.

The husband has taken out his dick and is stoking it with his thumb and index finger. “Tell him,” I grunt to Angie. “Tell him how much better I am.”

Angie lets out a long sigh as she touches her husband’s face. “I’m sorry, honey. But it’s true. My Daddy’s cock feels so much better than yours. It’s not your fault though.” The husband jerks faster. “You aren’t made to fuck like this.”

Angie moans close enough so that her husband could probably feel her hot breath on his skin. I pound into her with enough force the couch slides along the floor. It is at this moment I begin to see it. I imagine all those nights she waited for her husband to go to bed so she could get on the web and see how real men treat a woman. I see her laying downstairs on the couch where her husband now sits jerking his dick. She lies there with her hand between her legs, furiously rubbing her clit thinking about someone like me taking whatever he wanted from her.

All I have to do snap my fingers. All I have to do is show up wherever they are and she will belong to me. What’s that? Your husband is winning an award? Why don’t I keep you company while he gives his speech? I’ll finger you under the table the entire time. What’s that? Your husband is running a marathon? Won’t he be so disappointed when he crosses the finish line only to see you aren’t there? Text him as I am fucking you in his car. Tell him to pick us up some Starbucks.

“I feel you stretching me, Daddy.” Angie moans. “I’m addicted to your cock. It is the only cock I could ever want.”

She is so warm and wet. She is so tight around me. I can’t get enough of her. I want to be deeper. I want to stretch her to the point she’d never be able to feel her husband inside her. I grab her by her hair and pull, arching her back. With my other hand, I smack her ass. Her skin turns red as my hand comes crashing down into her over and over again. The husband has this look in his eyes. He wants to say something. He wants to stand up and scream at the top of his lungs “Take your hands off my lady.”

But he doesn’t.

“Do you like the way Daddy smacks your ass?”

“YES!” Angie screams into her husband’s face and my hand comes crashing down into her again.

I snarl and grunt, thrusting into her as fast as I can. “You’re too fucking beautiful. Do you know that? Your husband doesn’t deserve a hot piece of ass like yours.” I raise my hand high above my head and it comes crashing down once more. Angie yelps.

“This is what girls like your wife needs,” I say to the husband. “They need someone who knows how to put them in their place. They need someone who knows how to use their body the way it was intended.”



By now Angie is so wet, her juices trickle down my legs. The husband cranes his neck to try and see my big condomless dick fucking his wife. “I think he likes me more than you. I think he’s more turned on by seeing my cock than he is seeing your pussy.”

Angie’s head gets closer and closer to her husband’s package like she might put it in her mouth, but she keeps pulling away. “Do you want me to suck your dick, honey? Or do you want my Daddy’s dick?” She asks, her tone filled with faux empathy.

The husband shrugs his shoulder.

I slam into Angie one last time as aggressively as I can. Then I pull out. She turns around and drops to her knees. She reaches between her legs scooping out her juices from her cunt. Her husband can’t take his eyes off my cock as she lets her cum fall from her fingertips onto my shaft. “Come here, honey. Come kneel next to your loving wife.”

The husband slinks off the couch and gets on his knees. “Look. I made a mess all over my Daddy’s dick. Will you be a good husband and clean it up for me?”

The husband shakes his head no.

“Please, baby,” Angie wines as she pets his hair. “Don’t you love me?”

The husband nods.

“Don’t you want to make your wife happy?”

The husband nods again.

“Good. Then lean closer.” Angie rests her hand on her husband’s head and slowly pushes him towards me. “That’s it. Look at how shiny and big it is. That’s my juices all over him. That’s your wife’s juices. Don’t you want to taste?” She eases him closer. “Don’t you want your wife to be proud of you? Open up nice and wide. You don’t want your teeth hurting my daddy.”

The husband opens his mouth as wide as he can and closes his eyes. I watch as I disappear into him. Angie pushes him lower and lower until my head is pressed against the back of his throat, about halfway down.

“Honey!” Angie scolds her husband. “You can do better than this. Open up. Relax. Let your throat accept him.” Angie pushes more and the husband begins to cough. “Shh, you can do it.” Angie flashes me a smile. “Show me how much you love me by taking all of my daddy’s cock.”

Soon the husband’s chin is firmly resting against my balls and Angie is petting his head, “That’s it. Doesn’t that taste so good? Don’t think of it as you’re now a cock sucker. Think of it as you’re a man who loves your wife so much, you’d eat her cum off another man’s dick.”

Angie uses one hand to guide her husband up and down my shaft. She uses her other hand to fondle my balls. “That’s it, you’re doing such a good job,” she encourages.

I run my hand over Angie’s hand on her husband’s head, through her husband’s short brown hair. “You’re being too gentle with him,” I remark pushing down even harder.

Our fingers are intertwined as I fuck his mouth like it’s a pussy. He gargles and coughs but offers no resistance. His dick looks more erect than it’s been at any other point that night.

When Angie stands up, I wrap my arm around her and pull her into me. We kiss, our mouths opening so wide.

The husband pulls away long enough to say, “I think it’s all clean.”

Both Angie and l look down at him. She reaches between her legs and scoops out more cum. After she rubs it all over my member she says, “Get to work cleaning that up, too.”

We continue kissing and the husband dives down onto my cock. He sucks vigorously and the more he slurps up his wife’s juices the more intense our kiss grows. I break the kiss long enough to say, “He isn’t as good as you are, but with lots of practice he might get there one day.”

Angie reaches into the well once more and then holds her hand above her husband’s face. We both watch as she drizzles her juices onto him and my cock. “Thank you, daddy,” Angie whispers to me. “Thank you for teaching my husband how to use his mouth-pussy.”

Pushing Angie onto the couch she falls onto her back. I climb on top as she giggles, wrapping her legs around me. She’s still as wet as she was from when I was inside her before. I slip right in, kissing her, my hand wrapped around her throat.

The husband is on the floor and he’s watching us. I look to my left and groan. “Does he need to be here?”

Angie stretches out her arm and cradles her husband’s face. “Do you want to stay and watch your wife get fucked by her Daddy?” She asks, almost like she was talking to a baby she wanted to get to eat his peas.

The husband nods.

Angie pushes me up off her enough so my cock slips out. She reaches between her legs for a moment, and when she pulls out all her fingers are sleek and shiny. I ease back into her, and she slides her cum covered hand down my back to my ass. She massages my anus and then slips a finger in. First one, and then another, all the while I’m gently thrusting in and out of her.

“Honey,” She says to her husband. “I’ve gone and made another mess. Don’t you think you should clean it up?”

The husband nods and gets behind me.

I look over my shoulder in time to catch Angie using her foot on the back of her husband’s neck to guide him into my ass. His tongue pokes around the edge end then retreats. When I feel him again, he pushes a little deeper before pulling back.

“Don’t be scared, sweetheart,” Angie says as she grips my ass cheeks, one in each hand, and she spreads them. “Really get in there and get my daddy nice and clean.”

The husband’s tongue swirls around and I fuck Angie like I want to break the couch- like I want to slam her through the floor into the concrete slab. Every few minutes I stop long enough for her to pull out more of her cum to spread over the outside and inside of my asshole. The more I destroy his wife, the deeper the husband licks.

“Are you pleased with yourself,” I whisper to Angie in between kissing? “Your husband is tongue fucking your Daddy’s asshole.”

Angie tucked her chin into her shoulder and grinned, “I’m a little pleased.”

“Tell him to fondle my balls.”

Angie calls out, “Honey, while you’re tongue fucking my Daddy’s asshole, don’t forget to fondle his balls.”

Seconds later I feel a very soft hand gently churning and massaging my sack. Even though Angie has gushed oceans she is still so warm and tight. Looking into her eyes, we kiss, and our pelvises grind together. “Who owns you,” I whisper.

“You do, Daddy.”

“Say it again.”

“You do, Daddy.”

My ass cheeks are pressed up against the husband’s face. His tongue is a good two inches inside of me. His hand is gripped tight around my balls.

“Give it to me, Daddy,” Angie whispers. “Cum inside me. Cum inside your little girl.” She says this over and over again. We kiss. I thrust. Her nails dig into my back. “Give it to me, Daddy. Fill me up. Put it deep inside me.” She wipes more of her juices in my ass, and the husband licks even deeper. “Please Daddy. Please cum inside me. I’m yours. I belong to you.” The husband’s grip around my balls grows tighter. “I need it. Make me feel like a woman.” My hand around Angie’s throat clenches. I groan. “Yes, Daddy! More! More!” I thrust into her like I’m trying to break both our hips. But she just pushes up into me. She takes it and keeps begging for more. “That’s it, Daddy. Don’t stop.”

The husband lets go of my balls and I unleash everything I have into his wife. My cock throbs like it’s trying to burst at the seams. “Oh fuck,” I groan.

“Yes!” Angie yells out. “I’m cumming, too!” Her body squirms and convulses underneath me. My stomach, hips, and thighs become soaked with all the fluids squirting out of her. And still, the husband doesn’t stop. His tongue keeps working around and around. Load after load exists my body. Even when I think I can’t push anymore out my cock pulses again.

I topple over onto Angie and she hugs me close. We lay there silent for a while until I’m finally able to roll off of her. We both look down to see the husband already cleaning up. He’s licking his wife’s juices off the gray pleather, slowly working his way up. Angie and my sweaty bodies latch onto one another. We kiss. We smile. We kiss some more.

“Daddy,” she finally whispers. “I need you. I don’t ever want to let you go.”

The husband is licking up both mine and Angie’s thighs.

“I’ll always be here for you, you know that.”

The husband slurps.

“It isn’t enough. I need you more than that. I want you to live with us. I want you in my bed every night. I want my Daddy on one side of me and my sissy-husband on the other.”

I look down but the husband doesn’t flinch. Either he didn’t care or he is too busy drinking up our scraps to notice. I kiss Angie. I brush her hair back, and then I answer, “Of course. I’m your daddy. I love you. Of course, I’ll live with you.”

We kiss for a long time before we turn our attention to the husband. He has cleaned up to his wife’s pussy. Her stomach flexes and her body raises a bit before my cum leaks out of her. Streams of thick white goo trickle down over her lips and Angie once more guides her husband head to where she wants it. He laps my cum up like a dog. When it’s all gone, Angie pushes more out. We hold one another, watching the husband enjoying his feast until we both fall asleep.

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