Never Too Busy to Be a Good girl

My little girl sits on the edge of the bed in panties and a tank-top and she’s holding a PS4 controller, staring up at the giant flat screen hanging on the wall. She has her headset on and she’s screaming, “Someone’s in the building.” I’m behind her with my back against the headboard. I’m in only my boxers. I have this erection that’s trying to poke out. We both rarely have the same day off together. And we’re going to make a day of it but she wanted to get a couple of matches in before we went to the beach.

“Fuck! He got me!” I don’t know why but I love seeing how mad she gets when she gets blown up or takes a headshot from a sniper. “Mother fucker!” I think it’s cute when she curses people out, “Everyone in this squad is a bunch of fucking noobs.”

So, I rub my foot against her hip but she swats me away. “I need a medic!” she calls out. “I think they’re at the treeline.”

I crawl up behind her and rub her shoulders, digging my thumbs deep into her muscles. She tenses up and then lets go of it. She moans into the microphone. “Yeah, sorry. My Da- I mean my boyfriend is giving me a massage.”

I feel her giving in and letting go. I feel her submitting to the way my strong hands kneed her flesh. She lets out a long sigh. I slide my hands down her chest into her shirt and massage her breasts, squeezing her nipples between my thumb and index finger. She moans again. “Well, he’s really good at giving them so you’ll just have to deal with it.” I squeeze her breasts hard. “You get a room, you little shit.”

I get off the bed and stand in front of my little girl. My hard cock is exposed through the hole in my boxers. She glances at me and then the TV and then back at me. I stroke it and now she’s only looking at me. I slide the headset off her head. I stroke myself near her mouth. She smiles and goes back to playing the game. I rub on her lips and she opens like a good little girl. I ease my cock along her tongue. She takes me into her mouth. With one hand she tries to play the game. With the other, she strokes me deeper into her throat.

The TV flashes red, signaling death. My little girl drops the controller and strokes me faster. I rest my hand on the back of her head. We look right into one another. No matter what she’s doing she knows she’s mine. She lives to make me happy. I needed her mouth. I needed to feel that she was desperate to please. Her purpose isn’t to rack up kills in Call of Duty. It’s to be the source of all my pleasure. She happily takes a little break to suck the cum out of my balls. Fuck, her mouth feels amazing! The way she swirls her tongue; the way she opens the back of her throat, it’s more than I can take. I buckle at the knees. I push down harder on the back of her head. She has these eyes that make me feel like they’re both poison and the antidote.

I can’t hold back. I throb between her lips. I pulse inside her mouth. My cum blasts down her throat. She pulls away and coughs. More cum spurts across her lips and onto her chin. She has this beaming smile. She giggles and and the smile grows. I’m still groaning. I’m still cumming. I push out a little more and she catches it on her tongue. My little girl licks her lips and I take a step back. I’m breathing heavily and she puts her headset back on. She picks up the controller. With my cum still on her lips, she says, “Yeah I have time for another match.” I watch my good girl play her game as seamen slowly drips from her face.

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