Daddy Choking You

Do you know why Daddy wraps his hand around your throat? I mean, you’re my little girl and it’s my job to protect and make sure no harm comes to you. That’s the most important job of a Daddy. But I have another job, too. And that job is to make sure you understand your place in this world. I can tell you that you’re beneath me, that you’re small and I’m big. I can explain to you how powerful I am, but I think it’s more effective to show you. When I wrap my hand around your throat I literally have your life in my hands.

Do you know how amazing that feels? I love that my little girl trusts me so much her actions say, “I submit to you. My life belongs to you.” And with that trust I feel obliged to push it to it’s furthest limits. I rarely dive right in and choke you. It always starts with my hand gently massaging your throat. I kiss you softly. My tongue slides in your mouth. I’m trying to lull you into a dream state. It’s as common as holding hands. I’ve tricked your body into thinking it’s as natural as kissing goodnight. But it isn’t. It’s so much more.

My grip tightens and still you don’t realize what I’m doing. My other hand is between your legs and your so wet. I fuck you with my fingers, kissing you as you kiss me back. Pay no attention to the pressure on your neck. It’s building. And just when you might notice it I slip my cock inside you. You grind against me like a needy whore. But it’s too late. I’m already choking you. Your head tilts back exposing more of your throat. I squeeze harder. Your mouth opens. I’m so close to your face I breathe into you but you aren’t breathing at all. No air can get to your lungs. No blood can get to your brain. You’re frozen and still you feel everything. My cock is so deep. My hot sweaty body is pressed against yours. You couldn’t stop me if you wanted to.

I love you little girl. Can you feel it. As I rip the life out of you do you see how strong I am? Do you feel powerless and weak. Do you want me to let go or do you want me to keep going? I can take you to the edge. I can make everything go dark so that when you wake up you have no idea where you are. All you have is a man on top of you filling your pussy with his cock. Your cumming and you don’t know why. Everything crashes down and I go back to choking you. I never want to let go. I want it to feel like my hand is around your throat even when we’re miles apart. Even if I never see you again I want you to remember daddy’s grip.

Submit to me. Really submit. Let go. Feel every bit of fight you have leave your body. Lay there and accept you can’t control what I’m doing. I own you. You’ve given yourself to me. I hold your life in my hands. Don’t be scared.. The truth is none of us have control over anything. Luck and chance and coincidence can destroy any plan. In the moment the world goes from light to dark you understand. It’s the last thought you have before your mind goes blank. If you could speak you’d whisper the words, “I’m yours.” I hear it. I hear your thoughts. I feel it as I fuck your lifeless body waiting for you to wake up again.

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