Daddy Teaching You

::Trigger Warning:: Age play: This writing describes a role play between two unrelated consenting adults. ::Trigger Warning::

“It feels good when Daddy rubs you between your legs through your panties, doesn’t it? Do you know why? It’s because that’s the part of your body where pleasure comes from.” I keep rubbing your clitty with my knuckle. You can’t stop looking in your Daddy’s eyes. I think you’ve been holding your breath this whole time. It’s a new sensation, something you always kind of knew existed but hadn’t discovered yet. “Let daddy slip his hand into your panties. I want to feel how wet you are. That’s very good. It’s good when your pussy gets wet, honey. It means you’re excited. Daddy’s excited too. Do you want to see?”

I already know the answer. You’re my little girl. You want to see everything your Daddy has to offer. So I move your hand over to the bugle in my pants. Your eyes are so dark. “That’s Daddy’s cock, honey. You feel how hard it is? That’s because you turn Daddy on. It’s a good thing. It’s a very good thing. The harder it gets the more you’re turning me on.”

I’ve already slipped a finger inside you when I tell you to unzip my fly. You’re grinding your hips against my hand. Your chest is heaving “Unzip my fly and take it out. I want you to see it.” You obey. “Now wrap your hand around it nice and tight but not too tight. Perfect. Now, stroke up and down.”

We both watch my head disappear into your hand as you move up and reappear when you move down. I feel the blood rushing to my cock. I wonder if you feel me throbbing. “Do you know why Daddy needs to be hard and you need to be wet, honey?”

You shake your head, “No.”

“It’s because it feels better when Daddy fucks you. Do you want to get fucked by your Daddy?”

Still staring at my cock, you nod, “Yes.”

I guide you over onto my lap and you straddle me. I look up at your pretty face. “I’m so lucky to have such a beautiful little girl,” I tell you as I brush your hair off your face with the backs of my fingers. With my other hand, I push your panties to the side. I grip my shaft and rub my head against your wet slit. “OK. It might hurt a little but I promise it’s going to feel good very soon. I want you to take your time and ease down, gently. Nice and slow. I want you to keep going until I’m all the way in.”

You lick your lips and rest your head on my shoulder. I hug you close. Slowly you move down and then back up. You move down a bit more and then back up. “You’re doing great, honey. Just a little more and I’ll be all the way in.”

You’re so tight. You feel so warm and wet I already want to cum. I want to unload inside you. It feels so naughty teaching you like you’re an innocent little girl when we both know you’re anything but. It feels so good pretending to corrupt you. “That’s it, baby. Fuck your Daddy. Grind on Daddy’s cock. Move back and forth. Move up and down. Feel me stretching you. Feel how deep I am. Do you want to be a good girl for me? Do you want to make Daddy proud?”

You nod and rock your hips. You squeeze your pussy around my shaft. Your body moves in waves like you were created to give this lap dance. “Then cum. Cum on daddy’s cock like the dirty little slut you are.”

I want you to tremble. I want you to moan. Kiss my neck. Bite my shoulder. Dig your nails into my flesh. Push down with all your weight so you feel my cock in your stomach. Show me how intense it is having daddy groom you to be his little whore. You don’t have to think. You’re not the one in control. I’m showing you the way. All that is required is that you obey me. Obey your Daddy. Be a good girl. Fuck your Daddy’s cock. Fuck it nice and hard. And then fuck it nice and slow. Get it deep. Grind your clit into me. And cum. Cum. Cum on your Daddy’s cock.

“It feels good, doesn’t it? That’s called an orgasm. Daddy’s going to make sure you have tons of those. Now that you’re learning how to be a good little slut, Daddy will make sure you cum all the time, everywhere we go.”

Still riding my cock, you kiss me. Your mouth opens wide. Your tongue swirls around. I love feeling this close to you. Keep kissing me. Keep grinding on your Daddy. I want you to feel all that pressure inside me bubbling up.

I pull away long enough to say, “You’re going to make Daddy cum. Are you ready for it?”

You nod and go back to kissing me.

Harder, faster, I grab your hips and move your body like you’re a weightless doll for my cock. I groan into your mouth but you keep kissing me. You hug me tight. “Fuck,” I say. “Daddy’s cumming.”

This is what I’ve been building to. All of Daddy’s lessons have led to this moment. Do you get that? Can you feel it in your chest, knowing you were meant to be this? I created you so you could live a life of pleasing me. And as my cock pulses, you know your place. It’s here with my hands on your body. It’s here with your head resting on my shoulder. It’s here with me inside you as I fill you with daddy’s cum. “Fuck, little girl. You feel so good it hurts.”

When I’ve nearly unloaded everything I have that’s when our mouths separate. You press your soft lips into my neck and gently fuck the rest of my cum out of me. “That’s Daddy’s orgasm,” I whisper, out of breath. “That’s how you know you belong to me. When Daddy gives you his cum I’m marking my territory. You’ve been marked. You’re mine. You always will be.”

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