Bath Time with Dadd

::Trigger Warning::

Age play, Daddy/daughter: This writing depicts a role-play between two unrelated consenting adults

From the hallway, I look through the bedroom door, past the bed, and beyond the threshold into the bathroom. I see your foot up on the edge of the tub. Your toes are curled and I think you’re moaning. Stretching my neck and turning my ear in your direction, I hear water sloshing around. Now, I am sure you’re moaning. Even though I don’t make a sound, I still have this feeling that you can hear me tip-toeing closer.

I lean against the wall around the corner. You go silent. I wonder if you know I’m there. Even if you don’t, can you sense you’re no longer alone? I can’t swallow. I try, and the gulp gets stuck somewhere between my throat and my stomach. My arm is crossed over my chest and I’m holding my shoulder. My nails dig into me through my shirt. I know I shouldn’t be listening. Daddy wasn’t supposed to be home for another couple of hours. You probably thought you had the whole house to yourself. You probably thought you didn’t need to close the doors; you could be as loud as you wanted.

You begin to moan again and it’s become impossible for me to ignore my growing erection. I’m pressed against the inside of my jeans. Your voice echos off the tile and porcelain. The sounds of you reach me in waves seemingly flowing through me. I don’t think I’m in control of myself when I peek around the corner. Your hair is tied up in a bun. The few loose strands off the back of your neck are wet. They’re matted on your shoulder. The muscles around your collarbone flex. Your hands disappear into the bathwater.

God, your skin shines so bright. It’s like you’re made of glass. Your breasts heave and your eyes are shut tight. Hearing you cum, I can’t help but rub myself. I can’t help but unzip my fly. I want so badly to be inside you. I want to feel your wet soapy body underneath me and your legs wrapped around my waist. I want to look in your eyes as you beg for Daddy to take what he wants. Little girl, do you have any idea what you’re doing to me?

Both your feet are on the edge of the tub and your hips are pushed so far up they’re out of the water. It’s like you’re imagining your Daddy’s cock is above you and you’re trying to snatch it with your pussy. I know it’s wrong to want you this badly but your pull is too strong.

I’m halfway into the bathroom when you open your eyes and see me. You don’t flinch. You don’t stop what you’re doing. You look at me and you glance down at the cock in my hands. You rub yourself faster the faster I jerk off. “Fuck, Daddy,” blasts from somewhere deep inside you. It’s a slap in my face. The water splashes around. Your hips rise and fall. You bite into your lip.

I take another step closer. “You’re so beautiful, honey.”

My words seem to have an effect on you. Your head snaps back and you gasp. You cry out, “Thank you, Daddy” mid-orgasm.

I’m here with you but I am far outside myself. I see me seeing you seeing me watching you. The desire I have to touch your face manifests as this pain somewhere inside my body I can’t quite pinpoint. I’m standing the tub. The muscles in my forearm burn. My shoulder aches. I can’t stop. You get up on your knees. Droplets of water roll down your breasts. Your bat your eyes. You lick your lips.

“Give it to me, Daddy. I need it. Make your little girl all clean.”

I’m panting as you stand up and press your hand into my chest and push me back. Then you climb out of the tub. I watch as you sink back onto your knees in front of me. “That’s it, Daddy” you encourage. “I need it. I was fantasizing about you the entire time I was taking my bath. All I wanted was for you to come home and find me touching myself.”

The pressure builds. Somehow, I jerk faster. An eruption inside me peaks. I clutch my shaft holding it back until it becomes too much. I let go. My cum blasts out of me. The first shot crashes into your chin with such force you can’t stop blinking from the shock. By the time the next load lands on your breasts, you’ve recovered. You have a smile stretching across your face. “There’s so much, Daddy.”

I groan, “It’s all for you,” as more falls onto you. I pinch from the base of my shaft up to my head like my dick is a tube of toothpaste, forcing every last drop out. At first, you use the tips of your fingers to spread me over your skin. But soon you’re rubbing me into you with your entire hands. I mix with the remnants of the bathwater and the two fluids combine creating a sheen. You glisten in the bright lights from above the vanity. With what’s left on your chin, you use your thumb to push my cum around your lips.

I barely have enough strength in my legs to keep myself standing. I watch as you taste me, staring into me the entire time. I want to try and speak. I want to try and say, “Daddy’s so lucky to have such a good girl,” but I only mumble to myself.

“Thank you, Daddy, for making me all clean,” You say as you stand up. You kiss me on my cheek before walking past me. I stay standing there, unable to move as I listen to you getting dressed in the bedroom.

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