Daddy Comes Into My Room as I Sleep

::Trigger Warning::

Ageplay, Daddy/daughter, taboo

Note: Happy birthday to L. I hope this perfectly captures your fantasy.

Laying in our mostly dark room, I hear the TV. A bit of sun creeps in through the blinds as I stare at the ceiling fan. Since my hours at the hospital changed, most nights, I wake to find Daddy passed out on the couch. I quietly make my coffee, kiss His forehead, and I slip out the front door. It’s always so eerie. Everything is big and empty. I know when I get home He will be at work. By the time He gets home, I’ll be getting ready for bed. I’ll sit with Him as He eats the early dinner I prepared. He works hard- we both do.

“Daddy,” I said as He took a huge bite of cheese and bacon-covered sweet potato fries (a favorite of His). “I feel so distant from you lately. It’s no one’s fault but I wanted to tell you.”

Daddy put down His fork and let out a long sigh. “I know, baby.”

“I can’t even begin to imagine how tired you are after spending those hot days on top of a roof, but there’s no purpose with how hard we’re working if we can’t be together.”

Daddy reached across the table and touched my face. “I hear you. I really do.” His hands were rough against my soft cheek and I leaned into His touch. When He pulled away He continued eating His dinner.

I close my eyes and try to force myself to sleep but the conversation keeps playing in my mind. How well could He have heard me if we’re repeating the same pattern we’ve been in the last couple of months? I love Him. He’s the only man I want to own me, but the little girl part of me is starting to atrophy. Submissive me is hibernating and I’m worried she won’t wake up. Making dinner for Daddy used to turn me on. That sense of being in service could calm my mind no matter what my day had been like. I’d set the table. I’d get a glass of ice water. I’d carefully pick out what I wore so when He looked up from His dinner His little girl’s cleavage was practically in His face. But tonight, I sat across from Him in the scrubs I had been wearing all day.

Maybe this is what life is when you get older. I really hope not. You hear those stories of two people loving one another but the relationship goes stale after a while. And next thing you know you wake up and you’re middle-aged and haven’t had sex in over a year. I don’t want to cry. I really don’t. But the more I obsess about it the more I start to sniffle.

The bedroom door slowly creaks open and the light from the hallway reaches across the bed. Even though my eyes are closed, I feel it on my face. I don’t want Daddy to know I was laying here all sad so I hold still. I take deep full breaths like I’m sound asleep. I think He’s standing there watching me. This isn’t normal. He usually lets me get as much rest as possible before my shift.

The door shuts and I think maybe He returned downstairs. I take a peek but not enough to show that I’m awake. I find the outline of a large framed man standing in the shadows. I close my eyes tight. Him looming brings the little out in me. It makes my heart thump off rhythm. It’s that feeling of not knowing what’s about to happen but knowing something is coming.

He stands there long enough for my heart to calm. I begin to second guess that I even saw Him. I take another peek, this time opening my eyes even wider. There He is. I watch the dark figure, His chest rising and falling with each breath. The tension makes me want to fidget but I use all my self-control to remain motionless. What is Daddy planning? How long is He going to make me wait? It’s too dim for me to make out His eyes. I doubt He can see mine. But I think we’re staring into one another. Do you remember, Daddy? Do you remember how good it feels to use your little girl any way you please?

It’s the only thing I ever wanted to be. More than a nurse, more than a good wife, I just wanted to be this little thing for Him. The prospect of having that again is almost more than I can bear. I want to scream, “DADDY, COME GET ME!” But that isn’t for me to decide. It’s torture laying here not moving. I bet He knows that. I bet He’s enjoying it. Such a mean Daddy. I love it.

After an eternity, I hear Him. The wood floor creaks under His weight. My pussy is already soaked. I hear His breaths over the hum of the fan. He reaches down and brushes my hair off my face. His touch is tender. He keeps petting me and I nestle deeper into my pillow. He lifts my arm and places my stuffed lion under it. I recognize the way it feels instantly. Its soft mane tickles my chin. I squeeze it tight. “That’s it,” He whispers. “You look so peaceful.”

I find myself slipping deeper into littlespace. I’m small and vulnerable. The complicated concepts of adulthood melt and in its place is the simple idea that I belong to Him, my Daddy. Nothing else is rattling around in my brain. It’s the sweetest relief I can imagine. All those months of not having it, and now that it’s here, I’ve been storing this tension just to release it at the moment I’m a little girl again.

I get lost in that feeling. I forget about Daddy until the soft head of His cock presses against my mouth. Yes! Thank you, Daddy! I squeeze my lion tighter and part my lips. He pushes Himself deeper into me. I’m just a sleeping little girl dreaming of pleasing my Daddy. That is all I am. But I can’t help but sweep my tongue against His shaft. He moves back and forth. With every gentle thrust, I receive more of Him. I open wider.

“That’s it,” He whispers to me. “You look beautiful the way you take my cock.” Daddy grabs my wrist and moves my hand to His shaft. I squeeze it and open my throat. He pushes as far into me as He can and I can’t help but smile. This is my purpose. It’s what I was born to do. I hope Daddy feels how special this is to me.

I fight the urge to gag. I keep Him in my throat as long as I can. The moment I can’t handle it anymore, Daddy pulls away. I open my eyes and stroke Him.

“Daddy, I was just dreaming about you.” Again, He enters my mouth. I suck and stroke before I stop to say. “It was the best dream. You were making me feel so good.” I lick His head and kiss it. No part of me is big anymore. Every move I make, every word that comes out of my mouth, and every thought I have doesn’t come from my brain. It comes from my DNA. The code used to write me has this hidden function. Once Daddy unlocks it, the program needs to complete before the rest of me can return.

Daddy tells me, “I’m sorry I’ve been busy and tired lately.” He pets my head as I slide Him into my throat. He groans. “It was never because Daddy doesn’t love you.”

When He slips out, I tell Him, “I know, Daddy. It means a lot you work as hard as you do. Thank you for taking such good care of me. I want to take care of you. Can I, please?”

Daddy pets my face with the backs of His fingers and nods. He doesn’t need to say it but it makes me feel as if I’m being such a good girl. His approval washes over me. It’s the most perfect hug I’ve ever had. His big arms squeeze me to His chest. I breathe Him in. It’s that distinct smell I could pick out of a lineup of a thousand men.

I snap back to the present and I realize my Daddy is about to use my body. My eyes grow wide like I just unwrapped the best present ever. I get on my side. “Daddy,” I beg.

“Yes, honey.”

“Will you use my naughty hole.”

He smiles an evil kind of grin as He reaches over to the nightstand. He opens the drawer and grabs the lube. I slip off my panties. I shimmy until my ass is on the edge of the bed. I grab my lion and squeeze him. If I had known this was coming I would have worn my special PJs. I would have put my hair in pigtails.

Daddy pours lube into His palm. He closes it into His fist letting His body heat warm it. Then He lifts my ass to rub the lube into my tight little hole. His thumb is broad as He works it into me. I gasp and whimper. “I need your cock, Daddy.”

“I know, honey,” He tells me. He takes another gob of lube and rubs it into His cock. He’s so hard and thick. Even in the dark, I can make out the veins running along His shaft. It’s like that part of His body has is its own luminescence. It almost looks silver in the faint light. I’ve missed Him so much. I want to cry.

“Shh,” He says half as my Daddy and half as my husband, “I know.”

His words hold back my emotions and I find myself in littlespace again. “It’s been too long, Daddy. I hope it doesn’t hurt.”

Daddy rubs His head against my asshole, “It’s going to hurt but I’ll be gentle. I promise.”

He lifts my top leg up over His shoulder so my foot is by His ear. Bit by bit He works Himself into me. “Shh, baby. That’s it. Take your Daddy’s cock. You can do it.”

Every muscle is tense. I fight that instinct and go limp. He pushes deeper and I tense up again. It’s almost as if this is a mistake- like He’s demanding something impossible. My body screams “this is wrong.” But when His head passes the threshold the alarms stop. I let out a long sigh. I squeeze my lion and sink into the mattress. The rest of Him is easy. The deeper He pushes the more I draw Him in. It’s a much fuller sensation than when He uses my other hole. I feel much closer to Him after having been so far away. I can’t fight it off. Tears roll down my cheeks.

“Do you want me to stop?” Daddy asks.

My eyes shoot open and I sit up. I grab His thigh and dig my nails into His flesh. “Please don’t. Please don’t stop.”

Daddy eases His hips back and forth and I let go of His leg. I collapse into the bed and stay still. His slow gentle movements rock me like easy waves on a mostly calm ocean. In this warm cocoon around us, there is no fear or stress. It could try to enter but it would bounce off it and fall harmlessly to the ground. “That’s it, baby. You feel incredible.”

I don’t know if I’m still crying or if the peacefulness of Daddy using me has washed that away. All I know is this is what my body was meant for. If I could pull Him so far into me He disappeared, I would.

Daddy rubs my clit as He picks up speed. Any lingering pain has vanished. What’s left is the connection. There is freedom in this. I’m too small to be in control. I’m too naive to make decisions. I’m just this little thing that exists in a defined space. Outside of it, I’m a wife and nurse. Inside of it, I’m a carefree child blissfully unaware. I can lay back and please the man I love. I can derive my pleasure from being used.

Without this, I worry I’m not good enough. I convince myself there’s something wrong with me. I’m not the right size. The lines around my eyes make me look too old. I’ll never be a success in my career. Daddy pounds my ass. I can hear Him grunting. His fingers on my clit shoot back and forth. Those vibrations ricochet off the walls of my littlespace until there’s no more room for doubt.

I know I’m cumming because I’m moaning. I know Daddy’s cumming because He’s pulsing against my insides. He fills up my tight hole. It’s taken me so many years to learn that the things I need are not some kind of abomination in my thinking. I’m just a little girl in love with my Daddy. That’s all I know. After He’s fucked my brains out this feeling will carry on into work the next day. It will be there when I get home. It will make my cunt drip when I cook my husband’s dinner. It will make Him hard when I crawl under the dinner table and suck on His cock like it’s a pacifier. It will be there when we do the dishes together. And God… I hope it’s there when He creeps into my bedroom again to fuck me like I’m His little girl.

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