Teased by Daddy

“But, Daddy! I want it!” She whines like a needy little slut. I’m gripping my shaft. The head of my cock is pressed to her clit. And slowly I circle around and around.

“I know.” I mock her whines, sticking my bottom lip out like a pouting child. “It’s not fair. I could give it to you so easily, too.”

She scowls. I grin. “I feel how wet you are. I’m so hard. I could slip it in right in… if I wanted to.”

She balls her fists and pounds the mattress as she kicks her feet. “Daddy!”

Gliding my head between her slit she heaves her hips up to try and force me into her. I can’t help but chuckle as I pull away. “Is this what you want?” I ask, wiggling my cock like I am trying to tickle her pussy. “Do you want your Daddy filling you up?”

She nods enthusiastically. Her eyes are big and round. They shine like something out of anime porn.

I tell her, “Not yet,” moving my head back up to her clit.

“I need it,” she demands without a hint of little girl in her voice, this time. “Real talk. I need that dick inside me.”

I pet her hair back, “I know you do. That’s what makes this so fun for me.”

Her eyes narrow and she turns her head away.

“Oh, do you want it to stop? OK.” I move to get off her but she wraps her legs around me and locks her ankles. I’m not sure me being twice her size I’d be strong enough to break away from her grasp.

“Daddy, please!”

My head’s back on her clit. “You aren’t needy enough yet. I’ll give you Daddy’s cock when you’ve reached peak desperation.”

She huffs. “I’ve been there since you climbed on top of me.”

Still petting her hair; still rubbing on her, I say, “Make me believe my cock is the only thing in the world that could make you happy.”

“Are you kidding me? You don’t know?”

I pause like I’m considering her question. “No, I know. I like to be reminded.”

She takes a deep breath. “Daddy, you’re the center of my universe. I dream about your dick.” I continue rubbing against her. “I see it with all its thickness. I see every vein. I wake up with drool on my pillow.” Up and down, around and around, side to side, light pressure and hard pressure, it’s like I’m plugged in. My cock is the joystick controlling which way her body squirms. “Sometimes my friends talk about their boyfriends’ cocks and how it feels and I just laugh inside my head. If they only knew.” I move my head from her clit to her pussy, parting her lips so she feels like I could thrust into her at any moment. “Daddy,” she moans. “You want me to be at peak desperation? I’ve been there since the first time you made me cum.”

“I believe you,” I say, then I kiss her forehead. “You make your Daddy feel so good.” Slowly leaning into her, inch-by-inch, I give her more of what she craves- more of what she can’t live without.

“Daddy, Fuck!” She cries as her hips drive into me. She’s so tight and wet. Her muscles grip me. I’m as deep as I can be.

Holding myself there, I say, “Never forget who does this to you.” We kiss, our tongues meet briefly before I pull away. “Never forget that you’re mine. Every part of you. Your body and your mind.”

Her hips rotate. “Yes, Daddy.”

Pulling out and pushing back in over and over, I tell her, “I know you too well, now. I know exactly how to tease you so you’re ready to cum even before I fuck you. Can you feel it?”

She nods.

“You’d already be cumming if you had my permission, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she whines through clenched teeth.

Sliding in and out of her faster, she begins to pant. “Well, what’s stopping you?” I ask in a mocking tone again. “Doesn’t it feel good? Don’t you want to cum?”

Her heels and hands press into my back as she tries to hold me where she needs me. “Daddy! I can’t take any more teasing. Please give me permission. I’m your needy slut. Please let me cum. I’ll give you anything.”

I grind the fat above my cock into her clit, “Honey, I’ll take whatever I want. I don’t need you to give me a thing.”

“Please, Daddy! I don’t know if I can hold back much longer.”

I heave hard, throbbing inside her seized pussy. Petting her hair again and kissing her lips, I look right into her anime eyes. “Do you want to cum?”

She nods. I can tell she wants to speak but she can’t. She’s afraid if she lets out a sound the orgasm will escape before she has permission.

I pull almost all the way back. I wait a moment with my head on the verge of slipping out. I smile at my little girl, and say, “Cum for me.” Thrusting into her until I’m pressed against her clit again I say, “Cum for your Daddy. Give it to me. I need it. Cum all over your Daddy’s cock like the desperate little slut that you are.”

She moans. I pump in and out. Those moans turn to screams. Tremors take over her body. “That’s it,” I encourage. “Be a good girl. Cum like a whore.”

She says “Daddy,” over and over again in between each breath, for no reason. It’s like a tick. It’s like she’s warning me and thanking me at the same time. “Daddy!” warning me that she’s out of control and can’t stop. “Daddy!” thanking me because I am the only one who does this to her. “Daddy!” pulling me deeper. “Daddy!” I want to take everything she has. “Daddy! Fuck! Daddy!”

“Don’t stop,” I tell her. “I want all of it. Keep cumming. Cum again, right now.”

I hold still and allow her to thrash against me. “Daddy!” All that energy engulfs me like the gush of wind before a tsunami crashes down on my head. “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” Moving in waves underneath me, she cums again and again and again. My work is done. All she needed is my thickness and hardness. I hold still and her body uses me like I’m the fucktoy. I teased her up to the edge and now she’s plummeting without a clue as to when it ends- when she will crash back into the earth. I watch in awe of the mess she has become, the needy, helpless, cock hungry slut I turned her into.

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