Monthly Newsletter – June

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let people know that I am mostly only posting on my Patreon now. I have been working on it for the last two months and now it is ready for people to check it out. I want my Patreon to bring my supporters inspiration through journaling and storytelling that positively affects their lives and relationships. 

Near the end of May, I started including ways for you all to influence the kinds of things I post. If you haven’t partaken in that already, please do so in the future! You can offer suggestions as to where you think my novel, “Caged,” should go next. I will regularly be doing a QotD asking which one of my old writings should I edit and post. Also, every time I enter an online writing competition, I will come up with four story ideas and ask which one you want me to write. So, keep your eyes peeled! 

Something new I started in April is my personal update. Originally I thought this would kind of be almost like a weekly diary entry about what is going on in my life. Unfortunately, I realized that I am pretty boring and there isn’t that much to update. So, I will also be using this to get back to writing relatively short pieces of an emotional and personal nature, things that are on my mind, maybe some rants, and my life updates. 

Going forward it is my goal to post something six days a week. At least one writing, one update, one Bad Erotica Read Badly, one audio story, and questions of the day. I am sure things may come up that change this from time to time. For example, there will be no audio for Caged until I finish the whole novel. But, for the most part, this is the schedule I am keeping to. Additionally, I am shooting for one Guided Masturbation Instructions (GMI) a month.

Many of you who joined in March and April may not have seen what is included with each tier since I have been adding new types of content. I thought it would be a good idea to recap what each Tier has access to.

  • Official Patron (tier-1): Has early access to everything I plan to post publicly, all QotD, and newsletters. I will most likely (infrequently) also make exclusive content available, but most of my exclusive content will still be for Faux’s Words and above. 
  • Faux’s Words (tier-2): Has access to everything in tier-1 as well as my complete written library. In addition, you also have access to my personal updates and a couple of Bad Erotica Read Badly episodes each month. 
  • Faux’s Voice (tier-2): Has access to everything in the previous two tiers as well as exclusive access to all audiobooks and Bad Erotica Read Badly. In addition to the stories, where appropriate, I will be creating audio files for my updates. 
  • Writing Mentorship (tier-4): Has access to the content in the previous tiers. It also has access to my quick tips on improving writing. If you are curious about what that looks like, I have one of them available to the public and it’s pinned to the top of your feed. Also, where I spend 2-3 hours a month working with tier-4 patrons critiquing their work and answering questions. Lastly, this comes with a structured plan on how to self-critique until we are able to either revisit that writing in the next month or work on a new writing. 

New Projects

I started a page on Fiverr ( where I will be offering custom erotica. Now, this is still early stages. I need to do some testing to figure out on average how many hours it will take me to write custom erotica. My prices are way higher than most Fiverr accounts because I know I won’t be satisfied by just whipping something out and clicking send. I will need to obsess over it for hours and hours. But that is something I am trying to narrow down exactly how long it takes me. 

Also, I am writing a guide for sex workers on how to write great scripts for jerk-off instructions, cum eating instructions, and virtual sex videos. I am talking to a couple of people with OnlyFans and Fansly accounts about writing them scripts. If you know anyone (or if you have one) and have an interest in making content with one of my scripts, please let me know. I would like to make sure I get some actual feedback on how it goes to make sure it’s even worth doing this project.  

Writings I will be working on in June

GMI: Stag/Vixen – I know I have been talking about this for two months now but it is finished and ready to post! 

Arresting Silence – This story about how pain can be therapeutic and meditative is one I keep working on and coming back to. I expect to have it finished and likely posted this month. 

The Rogers Fam Bam Summer Reunion BBQ – Well, I gave the options and you, my dear patrons, have voted! The voting was very close, but It appears I am writing a twisted and sexy incest story for summer writing competition. I have not started it yet but the deadline is a month away at the time of me writing this. My gut tells me this is going to be a humorous story, but I won’t know until I jump into it. Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to post the first draft and see if we can’t stuff more sexy silliness into 3000 words. 

GMI for July – I will begin July’s GMI, whatever one you all vote on. If yours doesn’t get picked, don’t worry. I will almost certainly recycle the options and do all of them eventually. At the moment it’s very close between the priest option and the fucked while sleeping option. 

For M – I asked in a poll question which title you wanted me to edit from my folder of writings and “For M” won. I gave it a quick read and I barely remember writing this. I think this is going to need a lot of work. It seems like I rushed it. But I will now be giving it proper attention. 

Movie Night with Daddy (role play) – A wife sets up a special fun role play for her husband when he’s depressed. She gets dressed up like a cute college girl coming home for the weekend. She puts on a movie but when that doesn’t cheer him up she takes matters into her own… mouth. 

Thank you everyone for your continued support. I really appreciated the way many of you commented on my posts on Fetlife in support of my Patreon. I think it helps others who want to join but haven’t yet felt encouraged to do so. I hope my efforts have given you a place you feel like you can come to and escape for a while and share a little bit of yourself. I will be working hard in the month of June to come up with new ways to make you smile, laugh, cry, and cum.