Choking the Life into You

It wasn’t the first time we kissed I knew you’d end up mine. It wasn’t the first time you dropped to your knees and took me in your mouth. I knew the first time my hand wrapped around your throat. I remember slowly reaching for you. Lifting your chin, you held eye contact the whole way. Your skin was so soft. I imagine my gorilla hand felt like years of manual labor. I didn’t realize the power I had until I raised you onto your toes. It was like being a hell-demon examining my newest subject.

There wasn’t any space between my need to choke you and my need to possess you. I latched onto your throat and pushed until your back found the wall. Do you remember how my weight pinned you there? I reached under your skirt and yanked your panties out of the way. I slid my middle finger inside you, pressuring your clit with my palm. You moaned and drove your hips into me. I bent my knuckle and swept across the roof of your cunt.

Look at you! How did you become this helpless little thing? You charge through life with a recklessness reserved for those who conquer the world, and yet here you are, desperate to fall to your knees. If only I’d let go, you could. But it is I who decides when you kneel. I determine when you’re wet enough. I choose when the blood returns to your brain.

Your blonde hair falls across your face. The blue in your eyes burns like a blow torch flame. I’m the only one who’s peered into you and seen everything. I’ve seen the woman who doubts herself. I’ve seen the girl who suffered. I’ve rediscovered the lost parts you’ve crammed so deep. You pull your shirt and bra down to expose your tits, seemingly frantic to give more. And I squeeze tighter. Your mouth opens and your tongue licks your lips.

I turn you around, never letting go of your neck. I shove my jeans around my ankles. I grip my dick and find your warmth, thrusting into you, slamming you into the wall. My teeth rip into your shoulder. I grab your tit and twist your nipple ring. I fuck your cunt. I choke your throat. I snarl in your ear, “I own you.” Do you get that? Others can have you. Others can love you. But only I own you.”

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