Guided Masturbation Instructions: CNC Fantasy

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This writing is not a story. It’s masturbation instructions for women with forced, rape, or CNC fantasies. If you enjoy being overpowered and taken by someone stronger than you, this writing is for you. It contains aggressive acts to enable you to experience this scenario in the safety of your mind. It’s told in the voice of your attacker so that he can guide you to your inevitable orgasm. 

Listen to me carefully as I explain how I expect you to read this.

I speak these words to you using an eerie, calm, and authoritative voice. Picture me however you want. Make me tall and muscular, or fit and thin. Give me long or short hair in any shade you choose. Maybe I’m wearing a mask, and all you see is my blue, green, or dark eyes. Construct me into the predator you desire. Maybe you have someone in mind you’ve always fantasized about taking you. Visualize him, or better yet, ask him to read this aloud. Let his voice guide you. Imagine him laying in your bed or standing next to you in your chair, giving you these instructions. 

Obey my commands at all times. Don’t use anything except your fingers. I know you may find this challenging, but this rule is essential. It stops a cold, lifeless object from separating us. And the act I’m about to describe is profoundly personal, leaving no room for toys. The goal is for my voice to become your hand so that your mind is free to experience everything I describe.

I’m going to count backward from ten to one. In between each number, I’ll direct you physically and mentally, ratcheting up intensity each step of the way. Allow your orgasm to ebb and flow. Each time it builds, it should arrive a little easier than before. When I say “one,” I expect you to orgasm. If you cum before, it means you failed to pace yourself. If you cum after, it means I was unable to excite you properly. If cumming on command isn’t a skill you have just yet, return to this writing to perfect your obedience.

Make yourself comfortable. Go somewhere quiet. Shut off the noise that pollutes your life. Be alone with your thoughts. Let these words move your still and rested body. Take a deep chest-expanding breath. Hold it a moment and exhale until the air leaves your lungs. Allow it to exit along with your stress and tension. Now, do it again. Inhale all the way, hold it, and exhale. The longer you exhale, the more bad you propel out, and the lighter you become. Your stress and worry fade. Nothing can actually hurt you in this fantasy, but be open to experiencing the helplessness. 

Sweep up and down your skin as you read, continuing to breathe. Start at your neck, flow across your chest, then revisit your neck. Take your time. Notice how your breathing and gentle touch work together to create space in your mind. These aren’t words on a page because they originate within you, guiding you towards powerlessness. Your fingers skid over your breasts, to your stomach, then back to your breasts. Circle them, taking full breaths, causing your ribs to rise and fall. 

I’m in complete control guiding you lower and lower. That’s why the pressure compounds. Let it become torture. You require my permission to touch your wetness. You beg me with the way you squirm. Allow your fingers to trace over your stomach to your thighs, back to your stomach, relaxing you further. Let them skate up and down. Surrender your authority. Follow these instructions because giving your power away liberates you. Keep that in mind as you slip your hand between your legs. 


Imagine stumbling on a sidewalk after a night of drinking or trekking to the far end of a mostly empty parking lot after work. The where doesn’t matter. What matters is it’s dark, and  every little noise causes you to turn your head. You’ve experienced this many times when you realized someone could tackle you to the ground. He could do whatever he wanted, and nobody would stop him. Your fingers orbit your clit as you picture this. Let the fear excite you as your hips begin to rise and fall, meeting your touch. 

You tell yourself, “I’m crazy. Nothing is lurking in the shadows.” But your chest contracts and your stomach churns. Your hand quickens. Even though you’re safe in bed, my words cause your muscles to grow stiff. It’s a chilly fall night, and the howling wind whips your face. Really visualize your body from head to toe. See the jeans you’re wearing. What color is your jacket? Do you have on heels or flats? Leaves crackling as they’re blown across the asphalt raises your blood pressure. The anxiety increases your wetness. Curl two fingers inside your pussy. Start shallow and work deeper as your fear grows.

The only sounds you hear are your heartbeat and footsteps; stars glimmer in the clear moonless sky. You can’t see me, but I see you. Drive deeper, knowing that I’m watching. Let go. Succumb to that need you have to crumble. My glare follows you. You’re clueless about my presence, but something still seems wrong, like you’re prey on the edge of the tall grass, suddenly aware something’s stalking you. You swallow harshly and your breathing hurries. Blood rushes to your muscles, but take your time. You feel so warm and wet, barely moving in and out. Stifle your arousal because you know I demand your obedience, and I’ll get it one way or another. 


Keep gliding in and out before spreading cum all over your clit. Do this repeatedly, drenching your little nub. Picture fog rushing out of my mouth. My fists ball up so firmly that my nails dig into me. My heart rate slows, and I imagine ripping off your clothes. I haven’t decided to do it, at least not consciously. I’m acting on impulse; scanning left to right for witnesses. Your skin-tight jeans reveal your round ass, swaying with each step, teasing me. The more I observe, I fantasize about forcing you to your knees. I massage the bulge in my pants, envisioning you paralyzed under my weight. 

I know you placed yourself in this dangerous position to flirt with me. You probably walk this path every night, waiting for the love of your life to claim what’s his. If I ask you, “Do you want to hang out sometime?” You lie about a boyfriend or some other bullshit. God forbid you admit to having a crush on me. Women always play so goddamn coy. I tell myself, “She wouldn’t dress that way if she wasn’t a whore down to fuck.”

Circle your bean, and imagine thumbing through your phone. As you walk, searching for a distraction from the solitude and the darkness, I begin creeping closer. I’m thirty feet away and with each step I take I expect you to turn around, but you don’t. Now twenty, and the wind picks up. You huddle in your jacket. Can you sense my gluttonous appetite? I’m starved for a very specific meal. I lick my lips and our connection multiplies. You rub faster because the anger in me has already charged ahead and enveloped you.   

I’m only ten feet away and your orgasm inflates. Rub faster. I hear the video playing on your phone. Your hair’s sheen glints in the pale light. And faster. I smell your conditioner; I feel your warmth. Five feet away. Now, three. I stretch my arm. No shadows appear to warn you. Rub faster. Your jugular pulses. Around and around you go. I almost have you!

Now stop. Slide your middle and index finger on either side of your clit. Don’t touch it. Let your hips come to a rest. Shh, run your knuckles up and down your lips. Let your energy subside. I’ll continue bringing you to the edge until we reach the end. The only thing you have to do is obey.   


I cover your mouth and jerk you into me. Crushing you in my arms, you snap your head, slamming it on my chest. Caress your pussy as you watch yourself get taken. Look how helpless you are. The big strong man has you right where he wants you. You scream, but I silence it by mashing my palm against your face. 

“You aren’t strong enough to hurt me,” I say. Even though my violence terrifies you, brush up and down your pussy to your thigh. Something about the fear is comforting, like catching sight of a friend in the distance when you’re lost. I could be that friend.  

Your teeth dig into my hand, but I ram it in your mouth. “Is that all you got? Bite harder. You’re turning me on.” Imagine my grunts infiltrating your ear, spittle splashing across your cheek. 

You gnaw harder but can’t break through my callouses. Circle your clit and visualize how you kick and heave. None of it weakens me. My large frame engulfs you and your hips hoist above the bed. 

“Don’t act like this isn’t what you want. You fucking knew I was watching you, didn’t you?” You shake your head and cry, but I snatch both your arms, lifting you off the ground. I yell, “Didn’t you!”

The left side of my face spasms. I’m trembling, and my vibrations infect you, crippling your ability to reply. 

“That’s what I thought,” I say. 

Rotate around your nub, allowing the energy to build. “Fucking whore.” My seething rage almost comforts you in your bed. Maybe you’re the bitch who quells my suffering. Let that thought simmer as you circle a little faster. You’ve learned you’re supposed to defend yourself from predators, but your subconscious longs to be a vessel for aggression. Tap into that primal urge. You’re just a defenseless little thing and it makes you so fucking wet. 

I grope your breasts through your jacket, shirt, and bra. Mimic that sensation, ripping at your chest, clawing yourself. “I’m going to uncover your mouth. If you scream, you won’t appreciate what I do.”

“Please, don’t hurt me,” you whimper. Plow your fingers inside. Fuck yourself because you hunger for your rapist’s cock. It’s OK to fight, but we both know the truth. You’re soaked. Prod quicker and deeper so you hear juices slosh against you. I brush your hair with my knuckles, and your eyes close. “I’d never hurt you,” I say and then coerce your hand down to my bulge. Every part of you tremors. “I’m going to give you what you’ve always craved.”


I spin you and lean in to give you a kiss, but you buck your hips and pump your legs. So, I lick up your chin to your eye. My thick tongue leaves a warm trail of saliva on your cold skin. You gag and your face scrunches, groaning through your tears.

“Don’t pretend you’re too good for me.” You stomp on my foot and I laugh. You kick my shin and my teeth tear into your shoulder. Scratch the base of your neck to feel me. “That’s a real bite, right there,” I mock you. Licking over my mark, I bite you again in the exact same spot. You wrench away, trying to drop to the ground, but I keep you on your feet.  

Steadily graze your clit, imagining I corral your jaw, aiming your attention to me. I try to plunge my tongue past your lips, but you lock them. ”Fucking prude.” I squash your cheeks and snarl. You snivel and cry. “Stop being a pathetic bitch. Give me a nice kiss.”

Your neck flexes when you try to escape, but I easily dominate your movements. Rub faster, around and around. “Ha. I told you I’m too strong for you. We both know it.” I apply more pressure and you open a bit. Jabbing past your teeth, I swirl inside your mouth, your tears falling onto me.

Like a pitiful whore playing hard-to-get, you squirm. So, I stop kissing and crash my palm against your cheek. The strike cracks in the night and you scream, “Please let me go! Please!” Your shrieks echo. Picture it and shoot your fingers back and forth. The next slap quakes through you and your cunt swells. “I’m telling you for the last time. You’re going to give me what I want.”

You nod and I chuckle, resuming my assault on your esophagus as if my goal is to reach your stomach. I know this is the most disgusting kiss of your life, and I don’t care. You’re another cunt-whore who needs to learn her place.   

Bring yourself to the edge imagining the whole scene, circling your slutty button. Let it develop because this is what you’ve always dreamed of. After I soak your lips with my stale spit, I tilt back. I wipe away your tears. You focus to the side, staring at nothing. “See, that wasn’t so difficult, was it? I can be nice if you give me a chance.”

You don’t respond. You go rigid. If you had my permission, you could cum. But you don’t. Don’t make your attacker angry. Slow your pace. Stop altogether. Skim your fingers up and down your cunt, and let your climax sink back into you.  


You’re halfway between erupting and restraining your orgasm. Keep petting your pussy, and slide up and down your thighs, scratching slightly. Even though that growing explosion recedes, the fuse remains lit, sizzling under your skin.  

“You’re mine, now,” I whisper as I unbutton your jeans. I jostle them lower along with your panties, stuffing them to your knees. The cool air rushes over you, but you aren’t cold. You’re burning. I seize your fuck-hole and shove a digit into you. Cram your middle finger into your cunt, thrusting upwards. Spank your clit with your palm, fucking yourself faster and harder. “You wouldn’t be this way if you weren’t attracted to me.”

You shake your head, and I smirk, amused that you think I give a shit. Forcing another finger in, your pussy tries to lock me out, but you can’t stop me. Doesn’t it feel so good to stretch yourself? “I bet you can’t wait for the real thing.” The turmoil bouncing around internally as I violate you tries to rip you apart. Look at you. Do you want to be saved or destroyed?    

Now I use a third finger to spread your cunt, getting you ready for my thick rapist-cock. I creep in and out as if you’re not human- like you’re a cut of meat I’m tenderizing. Fuck yourself the same way. “You’re nothing. You’re a thing I found in the dirt to toy with.” Tears stream down your cheeks, but your arms latch onto me. Your nails pierce into the skin on the back of my neck.

“This will be the greatest night of your life,” I whisper, nearly forcing my entire fist inside you. “All you’ve ever wished for was someone like me to come along and take you. I know that’s what you bitches fantasize about.” 


Juices saturate your hand. Touch your wetness to your clit, picturing me knocking you onto the ground. The earth is cold and a little wet. You crawl away on your ass and elbows, but I keep pace, strolling towards you and unbuckling my belt. I scowl and you shiver. 

“I thought we’ve already been through this,” I say, catching up to your pitiful escape attempt. “Playing timid is boring.” I unzip my fly and stomp my dirty boot on your leg, halting your retreat. Reaching into my boxers, I whip out my thick cock and jerk it as I tower over you. “Look at it. Get a good look.”

You pivot your head to the side, but I jam into your face. “Bitch!” I beat my tool across your cheek, “I told you to fucking look at it!”

Your eyes waver, leering at me as I stroke up and down my shaft. Construct the scene in your mind, and slowly spiral around and around your clit as it pulses. You’ve imagined this so many times, kneeling beneath a monster like me. Rub faster, torn between survival and arousal. 

“That’s it. Come closer,” I encourage you and remove my boot. You climb onto your knees. “You’ve never seen a dick like this, have you?” The faster I jerk, the faster you circle your nub. It’s as if I’ve taken complete control of your mind and you sigh. Your shoulders sink and you hang your head. Let that shame fuel your fervor. Rub faster. Your pelvis pushes up and down. It feels so good to resign yourself to whatever I want- whatever I plan to do to you. Sprint up to the edge of your orgasm. Get yourself so close that you think it’s already begun erupting. And stop. Stop right now. Your hips continue to thrust but your hands are by your side. And your rapist’s cock is inches from your mouth. 


You’re still on the edge when I smear my prick along your sealed mouth, holding you near me. You taste my precum on your lips. It triggers something, and you unlock your jaw. Your tears stop. “That’s it. Now you understand.”

I guide you up and down, inching you lower until you gag. You press into my thighs, attempting to dislodge me from your face, but I bully myself deeper. “Take it all, you useless bitch.”

Return your fingers to your clit and gently spin around it. This is the final build-up. You’ve come so far. Don’t ruin it with disobedience. 

My pelvis pounds against your face and you go limp. Clenching behind your neck, I violate your esophagus, unleashing short, rapid animalistic grunts. You cough and choke. Saliva spills down your chin.

Pulling my dick out, you stay open wide and I slap you with it. You almost smile through your mascara streaks. I force myself in again. “You love it when I abuse your slutty throat? Don’t you?”

You nod on my cock, reaching up to stroke my shaft; your grip twists and tightens. Somehow, I fuck you even more brutally, snapping you back until your ears ring. You gulp and gag. “Look how much you love this!” I let go of your neck, and you move up and down on your own, nudging me deeper than I got you. Don’t resist. Keep reading. Continue touching yourself. Rub your clit so fast, but stay edged the rest of the way. 


I slap you off my knob and mount you before you realize what happened. Straddling your legs, I knead myself on your dripping cunt. “Say you want this. Don’t lie.” I fold your hair behind your ear and whisper, “Shh, it’s OK. Tell me the truth.” 

I snatch your throat, and your lip quivers as you choke back tears. A huge gulp travels down your neck, and I try to trap it in my grasp.

“Do you want me to rape you?”

You wince and nod. I hope it hurts realizing your slutty whore nature has betrayed you. Your need to be used surpasses your impulse not to be victimized. What if people knew you were like this? How could you look them in the eye? Rub around your clit because everyone sees you a certain way, but deep down you know you’re a disgrace, waiting to be ravished by someone more powerful than you. 

I let go of your windpipe and ease into your pussy. Your whole body trembles beneath my weight. “You’re mine, now.” Rub faster! “You fucking slut. I own you.” Rub faster!

My fat, rapist-dick splits you open as I hurl myself, filling every cubic millimeter inside you with me. Rub Quicker! You’re never more at home than when you’re in the company of deviants. The world freezes, and I’m the only thing in motion. I have the authority to stop the universe, taking the pieces I crave while discarding the rest. You seek me because there’s something so familiar here. Look into my eyes if you want redemption. It’s the only place you’ll find it. 


I murmur. I growl. I fuck you more violently than you’ve ever been fucked, as if I’m trying to bulldoze a hole a hundred feet deep by slamming you through the earth. You tilt your head exposing more of your throat. I watch your blood pulsing beneath your flesh and I strangle you. “Are you ready?” I snap. “Are you finally fucking ready to admit the truth?”

Your hands sail under my shirt, and your nails tear my skin as you embrace me. “I’m ready,” you cry out. “Take me! Make me yours! I’ve desired you before I knew you existed!”

I spit on you, and my slobber lands across the bridge of your nose. “You fucking whore!”

“Yes, I’m a whore. I’m your whore.” 

You grin and I lick your smile, before slapping you. “You disgust me. Do you know that?”

“Good,” you moan. “I should disgust you. Defile my worthless cunt.” You’re shaking because you know what’s forming inside you is different than anything you’ve ever experienced. Don’t fight it. Give into it. Rub quicker. “Split me open,” you beg. “Abuse me.” Now spank your cunt. “Make me feel repulsive. Turn me into rubbish.” Slap it harder. “Rape every emotion out of me until I’m an empty shell.” 

Good. Now, rub as fast as you can! My cock pulses and you quiver. I know you were never meant to have control. You go through life faking it, trying to survive, searching for a hiding spot so nobody notices you gasping for air. And now as I rob you of your agency, you’re on the edge. Your pussy is so tense. I have you where I want you. I choke you harder and harder. You rub faster and faster. Your mouth opens, but no sounds come out.


Let go. Right now, you have my permission to cum. I unload inside you, my rapist-cum filling you up. Give it to me. Show me that you’re ready to be what you were always meant to be, that dirty rape-bait-whore I saw walking alone in the dark, thumbing through her phone. Show me you’re that lost little thing, waiting for the right monster to come along and take what’s his. Explode. Cum for me, now! Right now!

Keep rubbing yourself. Don’t stop. Shake your little clit as quickly as you can. Go so fast your wrist hurts. Cum for me again. Create one long orgasm that feeds into the next. Remember how I grabbed you? Remember how I covered your mouth and groped all over you? You remember how good it felt. Think about me forcing myself inside you. Recall the way I raped your throat. And even though you fought me in the beginning, it was worth it, because now you finally have my permission to let go. Cum again. Now. Right. Fucking. Now. Obey me. It’s what you’ve needed your entire life. Maybe you couldn’t recognize it until I showed you, but you’ve been searching for someone powerful enough to break you. You’ve wished for someone strong enough to help you feel absolutely nothing.

Cum again. And again. And again. Don’t stop cumming until you’re empty- until I’ve taken everything you have to give.

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